Vols Eye Virginia O-lineman

Devin Bolling of Lynchburg, Va., fits the definition of a rapid riser on the prospect market, as the offensive tackle has picked up seven offers in the last three weeks after going through most of May without a single offer of any kind.

That came in writing from the University of Richmond on May 22. Since that day he's added offers from Hampton, Liberty, Ohio, East Carolina, Connecticut and Marshall. He anticipates adding an offer from Maryland when he camps there this week. He also hopes to pick up a real plum offer from the Big Orange.

Bolling is another ot several offensive line prospects attending camp last week in Knoxville that made a favorable impression on UT's coaching staff. Kevin Revis of Rhea County, Aubrey Phillips of Olive Branch, Miss., and JerQuari Schofield of Aikens, S.C., are three O-linemen that committed to the Vols on consecutive days after attending football camp on The Hill.

"I worked with Coach Adkins during drills," Bolling told IT on Monday. "Their coaches told me I had great feet. That was the biggest thing and that I know how to move."

Agility is the 6-foot-5, 270-pound All-District player's calling card. He consistently clocks in the 5.28 range and is exceptionally quick for a player his size. He starts on both defense and offense, playing end and tackle, respectively. He also competes in the shot and discus and runs the "big man's" 4x100 relay for sprinters that weigh over 225 pounds.

He moves pretty good off the field too, as his demanding camp schedule clearly attests.

"I've been to camps at Ohio, South Carolina," he said. "I've been to Marshall, I've been to Wake (Forest) and I've been to Tennessee. They've all been about equal, but Tennessee had nicer facilities than some of the other camps I've been to. I have UNC tomorrow. I have Maryland on Thursday. Then I have UVA on Saturday. I have West Virginia on the 29th and I've got Virginia Tech on July 7th."

He has opened eyes along the way with his size, mobility and high ceiling. With a bench press of 255 pounds and a squat at 430, he'll need time in the weight room to become a success in the SEC. However it's easier to get a player bigger and stronger than it is to get one faster and quicker. That's why the Vols may be contemplating an offer.

"I thought I did pretty good and the coaches were impressed," Bolling said. "When I call back I might have an offer. I don't know. They can't call me because of NCAA rules."

This wasn't Bolling's first trip to UT nor is it his first invitation.

"I was down there for the spring game," he said. "They invited me down there for that. Coach Michael is recruiting me. We've got a good relationship. It's kind of a friend relationship."

Brooksville High School had a great playoff run last year and Bolling was a big part of the Bees' success.

"I had a pretty good season last year.," he said. "We made it to the state semifinals. I didn't allow any sacks and I had 11 pancakes. I'm not sure how many tackles I had. Everybody is recruiting me as an offensive tackle."

Obviously offensive coordinator Dave Clawson's tenure at Richmond has been an asset in Tennessee's current recruiting campaign. In addition to Bolling the Vols are also recruiting a couple of his Brooksville teammates.

"Logan Thomas is our quarterback," he said. "Tennessee is recruiting him as a tight end. I went to the spring game in Knoxville with him and Zach McCray. It went really well. I liked all the facilities and the stadium was outrageous. They're building a new 30,000 square foot weight room. I got to meet Coach Phil Fulmer and he invited to come back to the one-day summer camp. I felt pretty good there. I felt it was a good place to be."

Bolling could return to Knoxville for an official visit next fall if UT decides to make an offer and then makes the cut.

"I wasn't a fan of any of the in-state schools growing up," he said. "Location shouldn't be a factor. I plan to study business or computer programming.

"I'm going to eliminate to the top three or four. I'll take my official visits after the season and make my decision then."

Look for further updates on Devin Bolling as the summer unfolds.

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