If Casey can't play ...

Although Tennessee is expected to run the ball a lot today against Vanderbilt, the Vols will surely miss star quarterback Casey Clausen if his injured foot prevents him from starting.


Clausen ranks No. 3 among all Southeastern Conference players in total offense with 6,135 yards. Only Florida's Rex Grossman (8,391) and Kentucky's Jared Lorenzen (8,281) have more.

Clausen ranks No. 3 among SEC quarterbacks in completions with 494. Lorenzen (662) is No. 1 and Grossman (632) is No. 2.

Clausen ranks No. 4 among SEC quarterbacks in touchdown passes with 46 -- trailing Grossman (74), Lorenzen (62) and Ole Miss' Eli Manning (48).

Clausen ranks No. 3 among SEC quarterbacks in passing yards with 6,202. Grossman (8,538) leads, with Lorenzen (8,074) in second place.

Considering that Clausen missed all of the Georgia game, all of the Mississippi State game and half of the Miami game, those numbers are pretty remarkable.

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