Maisel's musings

I don't know Ivan Maisel but I'm already starting to like the guy. I haven't read his book but I'm already interested in buying it.

Maisel, a senior writer for, has a newly published book entitled "The Maisel Report: College Football's Most Overrated & Underrated Players, Coaches, Teams and Traditions."

The book, 240 pages of prose published by Triumph Books and listed at $24.95 per copy, offers an assortment of opinions that will delight/infuriate the reader, depending on which school/schools he follows most closely.

Based on an assortment of on-line book reviews, I already know I'm going to enjoy Maisel's book. Here's why:

- He tabs Notre Dame's Charlie Weis the most overrated coach in college football and Oregon State's Mike Riley the most underrated.

- He tabs Tennessee's Phillip Fulmer the fourth-most underrated coach in college football.

- He tabs Michigan's Charles Woodson (who beat out Peyton Manning in 1997) the most overrated Heisman Trophy winner in college football history.

- He tabs the Big Ten the most overrated conference in college football.

- He tabs the Miami Hurricanes the most overrated program in the history of college football.

- He tabs Auburn the second-most underrated program in college football.

- He tabs Southern Cal vs. UCLA the most overrated rivalry in college football, while pegging South Carolina vs. Clemson the most underrated.

- He tabs Alabama's Nick Saban the fourth-most overrated coach in college football, although he softens the blow a bit with his subsequent comments:

"He's overrated because there's no human being alive who can live up to the expectations set for him. If you look at his record, it's very good, not great, and he's got no shot of living up to the expectations some people have for him. Anything less than winning five national championships in the next four years will be seen as failure."

Anyone who disses The Big Ten, Charles Woodson's Heisman Trophy, the Miami Hurricanes and Nick Saban is OK by me. The fact Maisel also tips his cap to Phillip Fulmer is just gravy.

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