UT focused and 'responsive'

First day of fall semester distractions? What Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer saw Wednesday at Haslam Field was quite the opposite.

"Our team has had good focus and today was one of our best practices," Fulmer said of UT's 19th afternoon in the August heat. "The girls are back on campus and these guys are 18-to-22 - they're not all focused totally on football. But I thought today was really a good day for us."

Next on the docket is Thursday afternoon's third and final full scrimmage. The competition mainly should be ones versus twos on the depth chart, but Fulmer says that doesn't diminish the importance.

"You have to be selective in what you do and how much you do. They are very tired and have just started back to class. But I expect it to be a very good scrimmage for us.

"We will do a lot of situational things as well as try to play. The ones are playing against the twos, we're punting and kicking extra points. We're trying to have a flow-of-the-game type situation for about five series, and then some other situations we feel like we need a little bit more work on for later."

As long as Tennessee's energy remains like it was Wednesday, Fulmer expects the next 12 days heading into the Sept. 1 opener at UCLA (8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific, ESPN) to fly right by.

"This team has seemed responsive and I thought the energy of the coaches has helped us be successful. They got after it out there today."

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