How do you wrap up 280 pounds?

Vol defensive coordinator John Chavis preaches tackling techniques each week in practice, regularly reminding his troops to ''Wrap up! Wrap up!''

That will be a difficult order to carry out this weekend, since UT defenders will be trying to ''wrap up'' 6-foot-4, 280-pound Kentucky quarterback Jared Lorenzen. It's a safe bet that some of Tennessee's short-armed defensive backs can't reach all the way around Jumbo Jared's waist. Throw in the fact that Lorenzen is surprisingly nimble for his size, and he's a tackler's worst nightmare.

''He's an athlete that obviously runs well for someone that size,'' Chavis conceded, ''and obviously everybody's had a tough time tackling him. That's one of the challenges going into this game -- being able to tackle him. If he's in the pocket or if he's on the scramble, getting him on the ground is not an easy task.''

Defending Lorenzen's passing is not an easy task, either. After routinely exercising bad judgment in his first two years as a starter, he is playing much smarter this fall. The ill-advised throws into double coverage are gone. So are the off-balance throws with little or no chance to be caught. In short, Lorenzen is relying more on his head and less on his powerful left arm. That's why he boasts the SEC's best ratio of touchdown passes (24) to interceptions (five) and the league's best passing efficiency rating (141.1).

''He does a great job running their offense,'' Chavis said. ''I don't know that we have played -- or will play -- a quarterback that has more than he does. He has the arm, he has the knowledge, and he does a great job running the offense. It's going to be a great challenge for us.''

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