UT-Auburn matchup chart

What follows is a position-by-position comparison for Auburn and Tennessee, who collide Saturday at 2:30 CST in Jordan-Hare Stadium:

Game #: 1147
Site: Auburn
Date: Sep. 27
Conference: SECW
Coach Match-up:
For the Vols - Fulmer and for the Tigers - Tubberville



Each team returns all five 2007 starters, yet neither team's offense is moving the ball consistently.


Passer Chris Todd and runner Kodi Burns give Auburn a decent 1-2 punch. UT's Jonathan Crompton has not played anywhere near his potential thus far.


Both teams are blessed - UT with Arian Foster and Montario Hardesty, Auburn with Ben Tate and Brad Lester.


Tennessee's Lucas Taylor ranks among the SEC leaders with 64.3 receiving yards per game, and Gerald Jones is rapidly emerging as a budding star.



Sen'Derrick Marks is one of college football's top tackles but Tennessee's front four has been playing surprisingly well.


Rico McCoy and Ellix Wilson are exceptional. The Auburn 'backers, though efficient, don't do anything that jumps out at you.


UT allows 174 passing yards per game, Auburn 175.5. UT allows a 56.5 percent completion rate, Auburn 54.2. UT has 7 interceptions in three games, however, whereas Auburn has just 4 in four games.

S. TeamsCOMMENTSS. Teams

This is a disaster area for Tennessee, which has allowed a blocked punt, a punt return for TD and a 52-yard kickoff return, while missing three of four field-goal tries and averaging a putrid 22 net yards per punt.



UT is fighting for its life but Auburn has the home-field advantage and tons of incentive after a heart-breaking home loss to LSU last weekend.


The Vols are far better than they've shown but, until they stop beating themselves, they'll be hard-pressed to defeat a quality opponent. Auburn 20, Tennessee 10.

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