Vol offense on track ... finally

Normally, 24 points isn't enough to start Tennessee football fans dancing in the streets. Given the struggles the Vols had scoring this season, however, back-to-back 24-point efforts against Vanderbilt in Game 11 and Kentucky in Game 12 offered a glimmer of hope.

Asked why his attack was more productive the past two weekends, offensive coordinator Randy Sanders suggested continuity was a key.

''I think a lot of of it was having the same offensive line -- the same five guys starting three weeks in a row,'' he said. ''They're developing continuity and really playing well.''

In addition, the Vols' playmakers (tailback Cedric Houston, quarterback Casey Clausen) have been relatively healthy after battling injuries earlier in the season.

''Cedric Houston's playing really well for us,'' Sanders noted. ''Casey's back out there, managing the game, running the show and getting everybody on the right page. If we can keep the same 11 starting week to week, it's a lot easier to get better.''

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