Clausen's a distant 2nd

Casey Clausen finished the 2002 regular season ranked second in three of Tennessee's all-time passing categories.

Clausen has 6,597 career passing yards, 519 career completions and 6,434 career total offensive yards.

Peyton Manning boasts substantial leads in each category -- 11,201 passing yards, 863 completions and 11,020 total offensive yards.

To eclipse Manning's marks, Clausen would have to complete 345 passes for 4,604 yards. He'd also need to compile 4,586 total offensive yards (passing AND rushing combined).

Beginning this year, bowl games will count in a player's individual stats. So, counting this year's Peach Bowl, 12 regular-season games in 2003 and a bowl game next year, Clausen likely has 14 games left to overtake Manning. To do so, he'd have to average 25 completions per game and 329 passing yards per game.

If nothing else, this comparison clearly illustrates just how productive Manning was as a collegiate passer.

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