Wednesday Morning Practice Report

The Vols opened on Wednesday morning with the first of two practice sessions for the day. There were some tired people, including coaches, that took the field this morning, but the tempo was solid.

Phillip Fulmer continues to push his offense to improve and become a weapon for him. "We've gotta be more consistent, we are getting better from the standpoint of managing the turnover game and managing the penalty game," Fulmer said this morning. "Our goal is to be more consistent and make people defend the field better. After a few minutes Fulmer made the message clear. "I don't want anyone on our offensive football team to think we are where we need to be."

Pat Washington kept his receivers after practice today for a long period of time. Each time he has stayed after to work with them, it has been geared at improving their catching ability. It still seems like Jonathan Wade and Chris Hannon have the best hands in the entire wide receiver corp. At this point, that is not saying a whole lot.

The defense looked crisp today against the scout team offense. At this point in the season, backup defenders are getting constant reps in practice. John Chavis continues to push his defenders to "keep pushing and get to the LOS to play."

The team will have their final 2-a-day session this afternoon and then have one practice a day on Thursday and Friday. Check back this afternoon for the PM practice report.

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