Kiffin staff to make $5.325 million

Tennessee football's 2009 coaching staff may or may not be better than the 2008 staff, but it will be better paid.

Figures released today by the University confirm that head coach Lane Kiffin and his assistants will make a combined $5.325 million for 2009. That figure ranks fourth among the 12 SEC programs. Had Phillip Fulmer been retained, he and his staff were to earn approximately $4.7 million for '09.

Fulmer was due to make $2.55 million in 2009. Kiffin will make considerably less (an even $2 million) but his staffers will be compensated much more generously than Fulmer's. Kiffin's aides will earn a combined $3.25 million in '09, whereas Fulmer's aides earned roughly $1.935 million last fall.

An article posted at, the Vols' official website, quotes athletics director as saying: "Coach Kiffin has done a tremendous job assembling one of the best staffs in the SEC and the country. Our funding model requires football to be successful in order to fund other sports and not detract from the University's mission. This team of experienced coaches understands that vision."

The article also quotes Hamilton as saying: "While our coaches' salary model is unique, we feel it is a great model for Tennessee. Coach Kiffin understands the power of putting together a great team and he used the budget we provided to assemble what many will consider to be the best staff in America."

Interestingly enough, there is a significant gap between the combined salaries of Tennessee's offensive and defensive coaches for 2009. The four defensive aides will make a total of $2.31 million (nearly $580,000 per man). The five offensive aides will make a total of $1.015 million (roughly $200,000 per man,

Below are the salaries for each 2009 assistant coach, followed by the name and salary of his predecessor, plus the salary differential:


2009 coordinator Jim Chaney $380,000

2008 coordinator Dave Clawson $340,000

Differential: plus $40,000

2009 running backs coach Eddie Gran $185,000

2008 running backs coach Stan Drayton $170,000

Differential: plus $15,000

2009 tight ends coach James Cregg $150,000

2008 tight ends coach Jason Michael $170,000

Differential: minus $20,000

2009 wide receivers coach Frank Wilson $150,000

2008 wide receivers coach Latrell Scott $150,000

Differential: zero

2009 quarterbacks coach David Reaves $150,000

2008 line coach Greg Adkins $200,000

Differential: minus $50,000


2009 coordinator Monte Kiffin $1.2 million

2008 coordinator John Chavis $340,000

Differential: plus $860,000

2009 line coach Ed Orgeron $650,000

2008 line coach Dan Brooks $190,000

Differential: plus $460,000

2009 secondary coach Willie Mack Garza $110,000

2008 secondary coach Larry Slade $175,000

Differential: minus $65,000

2009 linebackers coach Lance Thompson $350,000

2008 ends coach Steve Caldwell $200,000

Differential: plus $150,000

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