Super Bowl has Vol void

Today's Super Bowl matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals may not lack thrills but it will lack Vols. That's quite a rarity.

For the first time in 17 years the NFL's championship game will NOT feature a single player with a Tennessee background. No UT alumnus is on the active roster, the injured reserve list or the practice squad for either the Steelers or Cardinals.

The last Super Bowl to be Vol-free was 1991.

Former Vol tight end Bill Anderson (Green Bay Packers) played in the very first Super Bowl in 1967, although the event was simply known as the NFL Championship Game until 1969.

Of the first 12 Super Bowl games, only four featured former UT players. From 1980 to the 2008, however, only three Super Bowls did NOT have a former Vol on hand – 1983, 1987 and 1991.

Two ex-Vols suited up for three Super Bowls each – linebacker Jack Reynolds (1980 with the Los Angeles Rams, 1982 and '85 with the San Francisco 49ers) and safety Bill Bates (1993, '94 and '95 with the Dallas Cowboys).

Three Super Bowls have featured four UT alumni. The 1986 game offered three New England Patriots with Vol ties (Roland James, Stanley Morgan, Brian Ingram) and one Chicago Bear (Willie Gault). The 1999 game offered two Atlanta Falcons (Chuck Smith, Ben Talley) and two Denver Broncos (Marcus Nash, Trey Teague). The 2008 game featured three Patriots (Donte' Stallworth, Kelley Washington, Rashad Moore) and one New York Giant (Gibril Wilson).

Tennessee has produced one Super Bowl MVP, Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts) in 2007.

Here's a list of every Super Bowl game that featured an ex-Vol:

1967: Bill Anderson, TE, Packers

1971: Richmond Flowers, DB, Cowboys

1971: Steve Kiner, LB, Cowboys

1971: Ron Widby, P, Cowboys

1972: Bob Petrella, DB, Dolphins

1972: Widby, P, Cowboys**

1977: Neil Clabo, P, Vikings

1979: Craig Colquitt, P, Steelers

1980: Eddie Brown, DB, Rams

1980: Colquitt, P, Steelers**

1980: Jack Reynolds, LB, Ram

1981: Mickey Marvin, OT, Raiders

1982: Craig Puki, LB, 49ers

1982: Reynolds, LB, 49ers**

1984: Marvin, OT, Raiders**

1985: Reynolds, LB, 49ers***

1986: Willie Gault, WR, Bears

1986: Brian Ingram, DE, Patriots

1986: Roland James, DB, Patriots

1986: Stanley Morgan, WR, Patriots

1988: Raleigh McKenzie, G, Redskins

1989: David Douglas, G, Bengals

1989: Tim McGee, WR, Bengals

1989: Carl Zander, LB, Bengals

1990: Keith DeLong, LB, 49ers

1992: McKenzie, G, Redskins

1993: Alvin Harper, WR, Cowboys

1993: Bill Bates, DB, Cowboys

1994: Harper, WR, Cowboys**

1994: Bates, DB, Cowboys**

1995: Chris Mims, DE, Chargers

1995: Bates, DB, Cowboys***

1996: Cory Fleming, WR, Cowboys

1997: Reggie White, DT, Packers

1997: Bruce Wilkerson, OT, Packers

1998: Aaron Hayden, RB, Packers

1998: White, DT, Packers**

1998: Wilkerson, OT, Packers**

1999: Marcus Nash, WR, Broncos

1999: Chuck Smith, LB, Falcons

1999: Ben Talley, LB, Falcons

1999: Trey Teague, C, Broncos

2000: Joey Kent, WR, Titans

2000: Jason Layman, OT, Titans

2000: Leonard Little, LB, Rams

2001: Jamal Lewis, RB, Ravens

2001: Dave Thomas, DB, Giants

2001: Nash, WR, Ravens**

2002: Little, LB, Rams**

2003: Cosey Coleman, G, Buccaneers

2003: Charlie Garner, RB, Raiders

2003: Travis Stephens, RB, Buccaneers

2004: Shane Burton, DT, Panthers

2004: Deon Grant, DB, Panthers

2005: Darwin Walker, DT, Eagles

2006: Cedric Wilson, WR, Steelers

2007: Peyton Manning, QB, Colts

2008: Gibril Wilson, DB, Giants

2008: Rashad Moore, DT, Patriots

2008: Donte' Stallworth, WR, Patriots

2008: Kelley Washington, WR, Patriots

** second Super Bowl appearance

*** third Super Bowl appearance

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