James Camron is a Titanic Talent

Sometimes the biggest gifts coming in the smallest packages; take the case of James Camron a 6-foot-7, 370-pound defensive tackle from tiny Gulf Coast Community College in Mississippi, the same program that produced Alabama's All-American nose tackle Terrence Cody last year.

As big as he is Camron was largely ignored coming out of Baltimore City High School last year. He did receive a few offers but not from the conference he most favored — the SEC. Despite that setback, Camron has grown into a dominating defensive presence who is drawing a lot of early attention from SEC schools including a couple of offers.

"I am hearing from Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Ole Miss," Carmon told Scout.com analyst Steve Robertson. "Tennessee and Mississippi State have offered me. Alabama and Ole Miss are talking about it. Tennessee offered me some time last week (Feb. 12) and Mississippi State is the newest one.

"It's great," said Carmon of his early interest from the SEC. "I have always wanted to play in the SEC. I think that's the number one conference in the country. They have the best competition every year." The success Cody experienced in the middle of Alabama's top notch defense, has piqued the interest of SEC teams looking to add size in the trenches. While Cody is a 3-4 nose tackle by trade, Camron isn't limited to that role and in fact has played more 4-3 than 3-4.

"I played in a 4-3 in high school, so I know that and the 3-4," said Carmon. "I like being able to take on the double team. I have learned to play both, so I can do either one if I need to."

Camron's ability to take on and frequently defeat double teams, means he is tailor made for Coach Monte KIffin's system which is always looking to exploit a numbers advantage on defense while disguising its pre-snap intentions.

With a tentative December graduation date, Camron will be able to enroll in January and take part in off-season workouts. He is looking for a close knit team that has family feel and he wants strong academic support as he endeavors to obtain his degree.

Camron's high school is the nation's third oldest at 170 years (established in 1839), and plays the second oldest football rivalry in high school history against Baltimore Poly.

Knights head football coach and Baltimore City athletic director George Petrides had Camron two years after he transferred in as a junior, and isn't surprised he has developed into a high-profile prospect.

"He was a nice kid," Petrides said. "He's kind of funny. I liked his humor. He's a good kid. He started both years at offensive tackle and defensive tackle."

Camron was a dominating presence in high school but tended to take plays off and lacked consistency. Still some of his best performances came in the Knights' biggest contests.

"I thought he was as good as he wanted to be," Petrides said. "He could dominate a game offensively. I thought he was better on offense than he was on defense. Tended to be a little lazy. If he had worked a little harder he would have been that much better, as he grows up I'm sure that will happen. But if you pushed the right button and got him angry don't let anybody be in his way. He did a good job when he wanted to."

Motivated by a great opportunity to play college football at its highest level, James Camron is pushing the intensity meter. With another season to season he could be coming into his peak years. However Coach Petrides believes he would make a better blocking than tackling.

"I think he's a much better offensive lineman with his height and the way he can block he'll go a long way offensively," he added. "He likes defense more than offense though. Maryland and Tennessee wanted him for offense a year ago."

While offense may be Camron's best bet, his value in the trenches could prove too tempting to pass on.

"With him it's just maturing and reaching his potential," Petrides offered. "There are a lot of kids in the same boat."

But there aren't many that can be truly called Titanic, like James Camron can.

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