Vol variety

If variety really is the spice of life, Tennessee football player Gerald Jones must feel like a jalapeno pepper. He's serving under his third wide receivers coach in as many years.

He played Year 1 for Trooper Taylor, who coached like a man who just swallowed a handful of uppers. Animated and enthusiastic beyond normal human levels, he represented the top end of the energy scale.

Jones played Year 2 for Latrell Scott, who coached like an economics professor – soft-spoken, low-key and analytical. He represented the low end of the energy scale.

Now Jones is preparing for Year 3 under the watchful eye of Frank Wilson, who spent last season at Southern Miss. So, how does Wilson compare to his predecessors?

"Coach Troop was more of a military style," Jones said. "He would push you, and that's OK by me. Coach Scott was more of a laid-back type of guy. He was more of 'I expect you to do it,' and that pushes me, too. Coach Wilson is a little bit of both. He has his little spurts. He sporadically is a drill sergeant with you but mostly he's pretty laid-back.

"I like the coaches who (say), 'Hey, I expect you do to this, and if you don't, I'm going to move you to the side.' I don't think a coach has to drill-sergeant me to make me do things. I'm here to be the best receiver I can be. Coach Wilson is that type (non-drill sergeant) of person, so that motivates me."

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