What's wrong with O-line?

Many of the sacks Tennessee surrendered during the 2002 football season were coverage sacks that could be blamed on the inability of Vol receivers to get open, rather than the inability of Vol blockers to pass-protect.

That generally wasn't the case in UT's 30-3 Peach Bowl loss to Maryland, however. Casey Clausen was sacked six times and hurried on another dozen occasions. Vol blockers did a poor job holding off the Terrapin pass rush, and junior center Scott Wells says there was no excuse for that.

''It amazes me that they beat us on simple stunts that we knew were coming,'' Wells said. ''We knew what to look for -- we'd seen 'em all year -- but we just did a poor job of picking 'em up and executing. That's something we have to put on our shoulders and correct."

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