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Tennessee head football coach Lane Kiffin released his post-spring depth chart today, and it featured a few surprises:

- Minor Bowens, a 6-3, 293-pound junior transfer from Tennessee State, has switched from defensive tackle to offensive guard. He is listed No. 4 at right guard behind senior Jacques McClendon, sophomores Cody Pope and Darris Sawtelle.

- Senior Quintin Hancock, junior Denarius Moore and junior Brandon Warren are bracketed No. 1 at one receiver spot. Sophomore Ahmad Paige is listed No. 4 at the position.

- Gerald Jones is listed No. 1 at the other receiver spot, backed by senior Austin Rogers, sophomore Tyler Maples and sophomore Todd Campbell.

- Senior Jeff Cottam and junior Luke Stocker are bracketed No. 1 at tight end.

- Two seniors, three-year starter Josh McNeil and former walk-on Cody Sullins, are bracketed No. 1 at center.

- Senior Jonathan Crompton and sophomore B. J. Coleman are bracketed No. 1 at QB.

- Massive junior Jarrod Shaw (6-6, 332) and undersized redshirt freshman Aaron Douglas (6-6, 282) are bracketed No. 1 at right tackle.

- Junior Nick Reveiz (5-10, 220) and redshirt freshman Herman Lathers (6-1, 213) are bracketed No. 1 at middle linebacker. Mid-term freshman Nigel Mitchell-Thornton (6-0, 229) is listed No. 3 at the position.

- Redshirt freshman Willie Bohannon is listed No. 2 at left end, behind junior Ben Martin and ahead of junior Gerald Williams.

- Mid-term freshman Montori Hughes is listed No. 2 at left defensive tackle behind senior Wes Brown and ahead of junior Victor Thomas and senior Andre Mathis.

- Junior Chase Nelson is listed No. 2 at nose tackle behind senior Dan Williams.

- Junior LaMarcus Thompson (6-1, 221) and sophomore walk-on Shane Reveiz (5-11, 210) are bracketed No. 1 at strongside linebacker. Scholarship sophomores Chris Donald and Daryl Vereen rank 3-4 at the position.

- Injured Brent Vinson and fellow junior Dennis Rogan are bracketed No. 1 at left cornerback, followed by Anthony Anderson.

- Sophomore Stephaun Raines and redshirt freshman Prentiss Waggner are bracketed No. 1 at free safety.

- Sophomore Art Evans is listed No. 1 at right cornerback, with senior Marsalous Johnson No. 2. Sophomore C. J. Fleming is third-team.

- Senior walk-on Derrick Furlow is listed No. 2 at strong safety, behind Eric Berry and ahead of redshirt freshman Rodriguez Wilks.

- Gerald Jones is tabbed as the No. 1 punt return man. Dennis Rogan is listed as the No. 2 punt return specialist and the No. 1 kickoff return man. Eric Berry is listed No. 2 on kickoff returns.

- Four positions are relatively unchanged since last fall. Kevin Cooper and Austin Johnson are back for another year as the 1-2 punch at fullback. Chris Scott (left tackle) and Vladimir Richard (left guard) are still fixtures in the O-line, and Rico McCoy is back for a third year as the No. 1 weakside linebacker.

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