Best of the snubbed

Being one of the best prospects NOT taken in the NFL Draft is a dubious distinction ... kind of like being one of the best employees NOT to survive the company's downsizing.

It's small consolation for them, but three Tennessee Vols are ranked among the top 30 players not drafted last weekend, according to the staff at

Running back Arian Foster, signed as an undrafted free agent by the Houston Texans, checks in at No. 11 on the list. Guard Anthony Parker, who remains unsigned, checks in at No. 25. Guard/tackle Ramon Foster, who recently hooked up with the Super Bowl champ Pittsburgh Steelers, is No. 30.

The complete list can be viewed at under the heading "2009 NFL Draft – The Top 30 Undrafted Players."

Here's what the article says about the three snubbed Vols, with each player's pre-draft projection included:

11. Arian Foster, RB Tennessee 6-1, 225

With an interesting combination of speed, size, and proven production, Foster is a good runner who can run, catch, and block equally well. However, he has to show he can bring it game in and game out. Consistency was a major problem, even though he became one of the most productive runners in the history of Tennessee. He'll look great at times and will make scouts wonder why he's not being thought of as a first day prospect, and then will come the devastating fumble. There's too many positive traits to not be a tantalizing pick, but the flake factor could be too much to keep him from reaching his potential.

CFN Value Rank: Fourth Round    CFN Position Rank: 11

25. Anthony Parker, OG Tennessee 6-2, 300

A very good, versatile college blocker, he's a good athlete when healthy and could produce at either guard spot or even move to center. However, he's not all that strong and he has major issues with his knees. He needs to hit the weight room for more functional strength to stick in the league on the inside. He'll likely be a career backup.

CFN Value Rank: Sixth Round    CFN Position Rank: 8

30. Ramon Foster, OG Tennessee 6-5, 325

Really big and really versatile, he can either be a pounding run blocker or a tough tackle. Massive, he gets by on his girth and his strength and toughness, but he's not going to move too much. Great in a phone booth, he'll push everyone around that he can get his hands on and is a wily blocker. Because he's able to step in for a stretch at tackle, even though he'll spend most of his time at guard, he'll likely stick around because of his versatility.

CFN Value Rank: Sixth Round    CFN Position Rank: 11

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