<!--Default For Tennessee is to ignore-->Tennessee's football program was cleared of alleged NCAA violations involving former Vol QB <!--Default NodeId For Tee Martin is 490463,2002--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:490463]>Tee Martin</A>.

No probation... no bowl ban... no loss of scholarships... no penalties of any kind.

Dickey made the announcement at a 5:15 news conference today.

Although Martin apparently received money during his UT career, the NCAA found no evidence that it came from "a possible representative of the university's athletic interests."

Dickey also noted that the NCAA had approved self imposed penalty (loss of two scholarships for 2003 class) for self reported violations involving a summer job for ex-Tennessee player Eric Locke.

These points were detailed in a letter Dickey received form the NCAA. The Tennessee AD gave copies of the letter to the media in attendance.

Dickey conceeded that he was "relieved to get the letter."

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