Signee profile: Kevin Revis

Thousands of small-town boys grow up in Tennessee hoping to play football for the home-state Volunteers but only a precious few get the opportunity.

That makes Kevin Revis one of the lucky ones.

Revis (pronounced revv-us) hails from tiny Evensville, an unincorporated community of 1,114 people located in Rhea County, roughly 70 miles south of Knoxville. Signing with the Vols last February was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, which is why he's working diligently to be ready for his freshman season.

"I'm going to go out and give my all for Tennessee because that's where I always wanted to play," he said by phone from his family home. "That's the team I always rooted for."

Since signing with the Vols last winter, Revis has become something of a celebrity in his tiny hometown.

"I get all of these questions from people around town about the coaching staff and how things are going to go," he said. "Everybody you see around town asks about Coach Kiffin and the new coaches. I tell 'em they've bought a lot of excitement and intensity to program and that they're about to get things going."

Revis hopes to help get things going. Knowing Tennessee needs depth in the offensive line, he's working hard in case he gets the chance to play right away.

"I've been running three times a week and following the workout they gave me," he said. "I'm also working on my steps for offensive line and spending time flipping a tractor tire. I have no idea what it weighs but that gives you explosive strength."

Something must be giving him strength because Revis reports significant gains in his weight-lifting during the past few months.

"Since I signed I've probably added 50 pounds on my squat, 20 or 30 on my bench press," he said. "My weight is up to 270 pounds (from 265) but I've gotten faster, too. I ran a 5.3 in the 40 last fall but I'm sure I'm faster than that now."

Revis has a good head for the game, and that's an attribute Vol coaches are hoping to exploit.

"Tennessee's looking at me a lot at center," he said. "You have to know a lot about the game, be pretty smart to play there. Having quick feet and good footwork plays in at center a lot, too."

Revis isn't a complete stranger to the position but he isn't all that familiar with it, either.

"I played a little center my sophomore year," he said. "I played mostly guard and tackle the past two years but I've been working on my snaps a lot, so I'm real comfortable with that now."

Asked who fields his snaps, Revis replied, "I get my brother and my dad to catch my snaps – both regular and shotgun snaps."

Young Revis participated in track this spring, throwing the discus and shot well enough to qualify for the sub-state championships. He says he's academically eligible and planning to attend both sessions of summer school at UT.

Given his fondness for The Big Orange, Revis is understandably eager for preseason drills to begin, so he can showcase his skills.

"I think I bring a little bit of toughness," he said. "I'm mostly about getting in there and getting after it." recruiting analyst Andrew Bone believes Revis has several key attributes working in his favor.

"Kevin Revis has two excellent strengths, footwork and quickness off the ball, which a lot of high school linemen need to really improve before moving from high school to the next level," Bone says. "Revis possesses these two characteristics and plays with a nasty streak. He is an excellent run blocker and plays the game very aggressive."

Whether Revis is big enough and polished enough to contribute in 2009 remains to be seen, of course.

"I'm just going to give my all with what God's blessed me with," he said. "I'll do my best and see what happens. If I play, if that's what God has in store for me, that's fine.

"If not, I'll know I'm giving my all."

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