IT rates the receivers

So many quality receivers made so many dazzling plays against so many overmatched defensive backs at the recent Tennessee skills camp that singling out the five most impressive wideouts is almost impossible.

But not quite.

Some players stood out because of explosive speed. Some stood out because of slick route-running. Some stood out because of exceptional hands. Some stood out because they simply exhibited more polish than a high schooler should have.

That said, here are the five that stood out most to me:

1. Markeith Ambles, Henry County High in McDonough, Ga. This silky-smooth 6-3, 185-pounder reminded me of a young Carl Pickens as he showcased his skills. He does everything so well that no single aspect of his game really stood out. I guess that's why he's a four-star recruit ranked No. 15 nationally by

2. Jarvis Landry, Lutcher (La.) High School. The 5-11, 185-pounder isn't physically imposing but no defensive back in the camp seemed capable of covering him. Only a junior, he showed the strength to beat press coverage and outbattle defensive backs on jump balls. He also exhibited the speed to get behind DBs and the hands to make them pay once he got there.

3. Greg Hayes, Saginaw (Mich.) High School. This 5-11, 170-pounder proved that good things do come in small packages. Hayes was a joy to watch because of his electrifying quickness and cutting ability. He got in and out of his breaks in no time flat and made a number of acrobatic catches due to his dynamic leaping ability. If he were two inches taller and 20 pounds heavier, I think he'd be an elite prospect.

4. DeAnthony Arnett, Saginaw (Mich.) High School. A teammate of Hayes, Arnett is similarly built (6-0, 170) and similarly explosive. Only a junior, he showed exceptional burst and cutting ability. His routes were crisp and he left several defensive backs shaking their heads after getting burned by him in one-on-one drills.

5. Michael Bennett, Alpharetta (Ga.) High School. Bennett wasn't flashy but the 6-3, 190-pounder consistently ran precise routes and consistently made plays, thanks to exceptional hands. That's probably why he already has picked up 10 offers, including Wisconsin and Indiana.

Just missed:

- Jabriel Washington, Trinity Christian Academy of Jackson, Tenn. Only a junior, he's not particularly big (5-10½, 159 pounds) or fast (4.6), but none of that mattered when he was running routes in the UT camp. Washington plays quarterback for his high school team but looked very natural catching the ball instead of throwing it. He already has a dozen offers, including UT, Georgia and LSU.

- Brandon Terry, Alpharetta (Ga.) High School. A teammate of Bennett, Terry is a 6-6, 195-pounder who made the state track meet as a sprinter. Very fluid for his size, Terry also exhibited surprisingly good hands. He needs work getting off the line and getting separation but his freakish combination of size and speed makes him an intriguing prospect.

Several of the wideouts at UT's camp caught the eye of recruiting expert James Bryant. His ranking of them is as follows:

1. Markeith Ambles

2. Jarvis Landry

3. Trovon Reed, Thibodaux, La

4. DeAnthony Arnett

5. Michael Bennett

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