Johnson loves Rocky Top Camp experience

One future Volunteer committed to Tennessee sight unseen. 2011 commitment Anthony Johnson spent three days in Knoxville for an UT Camp and comes away from his Rocky Top experience more impressed than he ever thought he would. Go inside this FREE READ to see what he had to say about the Volunteer Football Program.

One future Volunteer committed to Tennessee sight unseen.

Anthony Johnson, an upcoming junior this fall, trusted Volunteer Coaches Frank Wilson and Ed Orgeron that Rocky Top would be the best place for him. He refers to the two coaches as family, two guys he has the utmost respect for and trust.

After taking an unofficial visit to Rocky Top and spending three days in Knoxville, Johnson is assured that he made the right decision back in late May.

"It was way better than I expected it to be," Johnson told Sunday afternoon. "The campus is beautiful, it's right on a river, it's incredible."

Johnson knew he could trust the coaches recruiting him, but after spending three days with them his relationship with the two and the entire coaching staff has grown and expanded a lot.

"I knew they wouldn't lie to me about how great it was there, but it sounded too good to be true," Johnson said. "It was as good or better than what they said it would be."

Johnson also enjoyed being coached by Orgeron, who the standout defensive tackle calls the best defensive line coach in the country.

"He had me fired up before I could get out of the car," Johnson explained. "He is one of the main reasons I chose Tennessee. I wanted to be coached by the best, at UT I know I will be with Coach O and Coach Monte Kiffin."

Apparently admiration goes both ways for the Vols coaching staff and Johnson.

"Coach Monte told me that I was farther ahead in high school than Warren Sapp was at this point in his career," Johnson said. "He told me to keep my head on straight and that great things were in store for me. Coming from him that's quite an honor."

How did Johnson feel he performed during the camp?

"Everyone bragged on me for showing out," Johnson said. "This was my opening debut for all the coaches, I had to do what I had to do. I had to show them what I was capable of."

Apparently it worked. Johnson was named the defensive line MVP as an upcoming Junior, beating out several seniors at the camp.

"There was a lot of great talent there," Johnson said. "I was really impressed, I felt I held up my part and competed well."

Johnson also got a chance to get to know new Tennessee Head Coach Lane Kiffin a little better.

"He told me he liked my style of play and my personality on and off the field," Johnson said. "He has been a head coach in the NFL, he knows what it takes to get me to the league."

How does Johnson feel about his commitment to Tennessee?

"It's always been strong," Johnson said. "It got stronger after the past three days. I had no clue it would be that nice there. It's a family environment and I like that a lot."

Johnson felt like he learned a lot that he can use this fall and upcoming seasons in his career.

"Coach O taught me so much in three days," Johnson said. "I'm a better player just being around him for three days, I can't imagine how much better he will make me once I arrive at Rocky Top."

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