Kiffin's Vols on title track?

Like most fathers, Glen Fulton wants the best for his children. That's why he's thrilled that his son has chosen to play college football for the Tennessee Vols.

"I think this program has the potential to win a national championship within the next four years," Glen said outside the UT Football Complex mere minutes after Zach Fulton committed to Vol head man Lane Kiffin earlier today.

"I think the coaching staff and facilities are second to none. That, plus the emphasis on winning, is important to us. We want to win. We also want to be part of a great organization, and I think this is a great organization."

At 6-5 and 315 pounds, Zach has difficulty finding shirts and pants that fit. But he and his family are convinced he's found a football program that fits like a glove.

"The pro-style offense is perfect for him," Glen said. "Zach's an inside mauler. That's what he does; he gets his hands on you, he locks in and he controls you. The spread offense is not really designed for his abilities. You have to get in the right system to go to the next level (NFL), and I think this is the best offense for him."

Alma Fulton noted that Tennessee's coaches have "diversified backgrounds and work well together," and that the program seems to have a "really good support system." Even so, she would've preferred that her son attend college closer to the family home in Flossmoor, Ill.

"I've raised the kids to think independently - to make their own decisions," she said. "I'm happy as long as he's happy with the program.

"Still, I'm glad he didn't go around the world. Seven or eight hours (driving time to Knoxville) is enough, as far as I'm concerned. It could've been closer to home but, as long as we plan, we can get to some of his games. I'll get to as many games as is physically possible."

Zach and Glen used the drive to Knoxville to allay any fears Mrs. Fulton had about the distance from home.

"We settled that as we rode down together," Glen said. "We showed her the scenic route. Once we got out of Indiana, it became very beautiful. Being a seven-hour ride, it was perfect ... a very serene ride and it really allowed us to relax a little bit."

Also accompanying Zach on the latest trip to Knoxville was a cousin, Henry Fulton. His vote on Zach's choice of colleges made it unanimous.

"I feel great," Henry said. "I'm very proud of Zach. I think this is a great fit for him. Their style of offense is great for his style of blocking and the coaching staff is great.

"When we came down for Tennessee's camp (June 1), it was hands-down the best camp we've been to, and we've been to a few. "

Like Alma, Henry had a few initial misgivings about Knoxville's distance from Flossmoor. Those misgivings have since vanished.

"It's a little drive but, hey, we don't mind the drive. It's all about what's the best fit for Zach. That's the No. 1 goal of the whole family: What's best for him?"

If Zach Fulton's senior season of high school ball is as impressive as his performance at UT's Lineman Camp on June 1, he'll be fielding a lot more scholarship offers between now and National Signing Day next February. His dad insists that won't change a thing.

"I told Zach about honesty and integrity," Glen said. "I told him when we came down here we were going to be honest about our decision and we were going to stick with our decision.

"It's a great decision. We came here on a business trip, and I think the business was handled."

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