Checking In With Jordan McRae

The month of June has been a busy one for future Volunteer basketball player Jordan McRae. Inside Tennessee checks in with him to see how he's been doing.

It's been a busy month of June for Jordan McRae. The future Tennessee hooper took a trip overseas to play in France. He then came home in time to slide over to Knoxville and participate in elite camp before heading off to Charlottesville, Va. for the prestigious NBPA Top 100 Camp.

After a slow start, McRae came on quite well at camp and helped his camp team advance all the way to the camp's championship game. But, that wasn't enough for the lean 6-foot-5 wing player.

"I didn't think I played too well," said McRae. "I didn't make some shots I normally make. I don't want to use an excuse of being in France or Tennessee right before, but I haven't played how I'm capable of playing."

The trip to France, on the other hand, was one that McRae felt great about. Not just on the court either.

"It was great, I made the All-Tournament team down there, it was a nice experience," said McRae of touring France with a team of players from the states. "We went to Paris, we saw the Eiffel Tower and things like that. It was fun, I never imagined I'd be standing under the Eiffel tower."

A long and athletic wing, McRae likes the security of knowing that he's committed to Tennessee. His relationship with Bruce Pearl and his staff is something that is important to him and he continues to work on it.

"They can only call once a month so I call them as much as I can," McRae told Inside Tennessee. "I just tell them how it's going and say what's up. I don't want the type of relationship where they are always telling me how good I am. I want them telling me things that I can get better at. I like that they do that and that they keep trying to get me better."

With the month of June pretty much behind him, McRae won't be resting easy during July. He's got a full slate of tournaments to hit with the Atlanta Celtics, but he's glad that he won't have to worry about impressing coaches.

"I like knowing where I'm going," said McRae. " Now I can work on getting stronger and working on my defense. I can also focus on my schoolwork because I don't have to worry about all of the recruiting stuff and trying to impress coaches."

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