Mathew Malele: In His Own Words

Editor's note: This week, Carson (Calif.) defensive tackle Mathew Malele talks about his last two official visits, his time in San Antonio (Texas) as part of the U.S Army National All Star game and who his current leader is.

I played in the National All-Star game in Texas a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. It was great meeting all the players that you hear so much about. Our team was really close and we all got along well. I hung out a lot with guys like Jorrie Adams, Xavier Lawson Kennedy and Mo Dampeer.

I was also with my boys from Cali a lot and that was real cool too. Me, Sam Baker, Chris Barrett, Steve Smith and Whitney Lewis all flew together to San Antonio so by the time we got there, we were all real close. I know those guys already from seeing them at USC games or different camps over the summer. Once we got there, we met up with Kyle Wright and Reggie Bush too. It was a great experience even though our team didn't do that well.

At first, everyone was talking about recruiting non-stop and asking each other where they were going to be going to college. It was kind of an ice breaker but after the first few days, we all got past and didn't really want to talk much football anymore. We talked about every thing but football and that was a nice change of pace.

With recruiting, I haven't taken an official visit since late December and I'm excited about my up coming trip to Penn State this weekend. Penn State came to my school today and I think I'll have a good time there. It will be my first time on the East Coast but I'm looking forward to experiencing something new. Penn State always has a strong defense and they have had some good defensive lineman in the past few years as well.

The following weekend (Jan. 24), I'll be visiting Arizona State. That's another school that has come on strong lately and I'm very interested in them. I've heard great things about the city, the coaches and the football facilities they have there. Plus it's on the West Coast and I think I would fit in well with what they have going on right now.

I still don't plan to make my college choice until Signing Day (Feb. 5). Oregon and Tennessee have been going back and forth as my top school and right now I'm favoring Oregon again. They were the school I was leaning towards early in the process and they have stuck with me the whole year. It's a great program, I know a lot of players on the team and I'm comfortable with all the coaches they have.

Tennessee is a great school too and from a football standpoint, it's tough to get bigger than Tennessee. The people are crazy for football there, they have a great reputation for producing top defensive lineman and there's a good chance I could come in and play early there. Coach Fullmer and Coach Slade were at my house earlier tonight and they talked about how much they want me there and how much I could help the program. It's going to be a tough decision and that's why I want to wait until Signing Day to make it. I don't want to rush anything because once you get to college, there's no turning back.

* Special thanks to Greg Biggins at for his work on this article.

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