Jackson Taking It All In

In the class of 2010, Joe Jackson has few peers at the point guard slot. The Memphis native likes five and Tennessee is in that group.

Highly touted since he entered high school as a freshman, attention is nothing new to Memphis (Tenn.) White Station standout Joe Jackson. As he prepares for his senior season, the 5-foot-11 point guard has one last go round on the grassroots basketball circuit left in him.

Used to playing in front of college coaches, Jackson is glad to have them back out in July after college coaches had to sit out April events due to changes in evaluation rules.

"It feels like this is the first time they've came out in a while," said Jackson. "It's really not anything new or something that you have to change for. You just have to go hard."

Known for sometime as a scorer, Jackson doesn't hide from the label of scorer. In fact, he likes to do his thing with flash and if you ask him what he does best, you get a confident answer.

"Scoring at will," said Jackson of his biggest strength. "That and just making other guys look good."

While he's been courted by schools from across the country, Jackson says that he's feeling Memphis, Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas and Connecticut the most at this point. He's still open to other schools, but it won't be easy to get in there and he'll be looking at rosters closely when he decides.

"You can't just come in and move one of those schools out of there. It's just about doing what's best for me," Jackson told Inside Tennessee. "At the time to make the decision I'm going to look at the point guard. If a school doesn't have one and there's playing time that helps."

At the moment, Jackson is leaning towards deciding during the spring. While playing time is important, he wants to make it clear that he's not opposed to being part of a recruiting class that includes other big names.

"Wherever you go, there are going to be some big time players," said Jackson. "It doesn't phase me. Those kind of guys probably want to play with me just as bad as I want to play with them. You never know how that may work out."

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