UT Thursday Practice Note Book No.1

If Thursday's first practice in shoulder pads is any indication, Saturday's first day in full pads should be a fun day at Rocky Top. Go inside this practice notebook to find out who got cleared today, who performed well and who stepped up at a key position for the Volunteers.

If Thursday's first practice in shoulder pads is any indication, Saturday's first day in full pads should be a fun day at Rocky Top.

The pads were popping here Thursday afternoon, with several big licks being exchanged out on the field.

Lane Kiffin's first two practices in shorts have been aggressive, but nothing like today's practice. There were several crowd noises when some of the hits occurred.


After two days of sub par performances, Jonathan Crompton and Nick Stephens both had better days on the practice field. Stephens hit Gerald Jones in stride for a fifty yard touchdown and had a better command of the football on Thursday.

Crompton also showed signs of brilliance but still needs to work on consistency and poise under pressure. Both had a much better practice on Day 3.

While many may think that Crompton already has a lock on the starting role, Stephens made up some room today in the race.


Bryce Brown got hit in the mouth and fumbled, he bounced up and ran back to the huddle. He appears to be in good shape and hustles back to the huddle on every play. Even though the team was in shoulder pads, the coaches stressed all the players staying up and off the ground.

David Oku continued to have a good day and Montario Hardesty continues to give it 110 percent effort.


It was fun to watch the big men go one on one against each other with shoulder pads. The defense played well today against the run in team work.


Ed Orgeron encouraged the offense to come get some of the defense during one team competition. He challenged his defensive line to out work and produce better effort than their opposition.


We got a look at Daniel Hood, who was working with the offensive linemen. A very athletic looking young man. Moves well and gave a lot of effort in the drills we watched. He has a good frame and has room to grow a lot.

Darren Myles continues to impress as well as Greg King.


Mike Edwards finally got clearance, he has been practicing for the last two days. He overcame the last NCAA Clearinghouse hurdle.


While Marlon Walls hasn't been cleared yet, it appears that some are still optimistic it should happen in the next few days. Depth is definitely an issue on the defensive line and Walls would definitely be a welcomed addition.

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