Crompton puts all doubts to rest

Getting senior quarterback Jonathan Crompton early confidence was a priority for first year coach Lane Kiffin. Kiffin put together the perfect game plan to showcase Crompton's talents and the talents of his new ball club. Crompton responded like no one expected, no one other than Crompton himself and perhaps Coach Kiffin. Go "Inside" for the latest on Crompton's highlights.

No one knew what to expect from senior quarterback Jonathan Crompton, well maybe not anyone.

He was named the starter about two weeks ago, there were several supporters including head coach Lane Kiffin, but he also had a few doubters.

Those doubts should all be put to rest after the senior quarterback led his team to a 63-7 win over Western Kentucky Saturday afternoon. He finished the day 21-28 for 233 yards and five touchdowns and two interceptions due to tip balls.

More importantly Crompton took charge of his team and his offense and showed early that he is a different player than he was last year.

"We don't think about last year at all," Crompton told the media following the game. "There is no reason to look back. With this new coaching staff we all started out on a clean slate. Last year is in the past and all I'm concerned about is the future."

The future appears bright, while many expected this offense to be run oriented, the first year coach called Crompton's number early and often and showed today that this year's Volunteer offense is going to be a well balanced pro style attack.

"I'm very pleased with the way Jonathan played today," Kiffin said. "I have been saying for a long time this young man has a lot more confidence in what we are doing and he is things the right way."

The Volunteers added 380 yards rushing to their 277 yards passing for 657 yards offense.

Crompton, who has taken the challenges of his senior season very season, finally broke a smile after the game. When asked what was different and that he really seemed to be having fun, Crompton smiled with this response.

"It's the game I have always loved," Crompton said. "The game is fun again. These guys and this offense game plan was just what we needed. Everything clicked, we have a lot of work to do, but today things went ok."

Crompton had the reputation last year as the quarterback that practiced well but didn't play well in game time situations.

In the words of Crompton, last year doesn't exist any longer, it's in the past. This team isn't dwelling on what happen last year we are looking towards the future.

The future appears to be bright for the Volunteers and for the senior signal caller.

In today's game he made great decisions, crisp throws and showed no self doubt. After watching him play today, I have no doubt he is the leader of this team.

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