Tennessee Top Ten

Talk-show host David Letterman's nightly "Top Ten List" is such a popular feature that we here at InsideTennessee.com decided to steal the concept and apply it to Tennessee's 12 regular-season football games.

That said, here are the top 10 reasons the Vols beat Western Kentucky 63-7 Saturday at Neyland Stadium:

10. Jonathan Crompton completed more touchdown passes in the opening game (5) than he did in 12 games last season (4).

9. Montario Hardesty averaged 8.9 yards per carry (160 yards on 18 tries) and backup Bryce Brown averaged 9.5 ypc (104 on 11).

8. The Vols got most of their mistakes out of the way in the first quarter.

7. Tennessee's defense was impregnable against the run (1.1 yard per carry) and imposing on the pass rush (5 sacks).

6. Except for a muffed punt by Nu'keese Richardson, Tennessee's freshmen didn't play like freshmen.

5. The Vols piled up 657 yards of total offense. That's 86 more than they had last year vs. Alabama (173), Auburn (191) and South Carolina (207) combined.

4. Tennessee produced 380 rushing yards. That's 43 more than it managed last fall vs. Georgia (1 yard), South Carolina (34), Alabama (36), Northern Illinois (69), Florida (96) and Wyoming (101) combined.

3. The Vols dominated on third down, converting 7 of 9 times offensively and shutting down Western Kentucky 10 of 11 times defensively.

2. Because they didn't flip-flop from one side to the other, UT offensive linemen knew who to block.

1. After the inept offense Tennessee fans had to endure in 2008, they deserved to see an explosion of points in the '09 opener.

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