Indiana guard has offer from UT's Pearl

It's never too early to start recruiting 2011 prospects, especially in basketball. Indiana guard Jermiah Davis is picking up interest from some of the top programs in the country. caught up with him Sunday to his thoughts on his offer from the Volunteers. Go "Inside" to get the latest on his recruitment.

Muncie, Indiana star guard Jeremiah Davis says the recruiting process has already been, "going great." Despite being a 2011 prospect, Davis has an ever impressive list of schools vying for his services.

The 6'2 combo guard has garnered interest from Kentucky, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Florida, and just about anywhere else that has a basketball program. Tennessee, has seen enough already to have warranted offering Davis a scholarship.

"I haven't talked to Coach Pearl in awhile, but I stay in pretty good contact with Tennessee," Davis said. "Me and Coach Forbes trade emails back and forth on a regular basis."

When asked of his thoughts on Tennessee, Davis was quick to point out an unofficial visit he made to the Florida/Tennessee basketball game last year.

"I just remember how crazy the fan base was there," he said. "There were 21,000 screaming fans, and the place looked like an NBA arena."

When asked to describe his game, Davis gave an honest insight into what Tennessee fans may see in 2011.

"My biggest strength is getting to the basket and being able to finish when I get there. As far as what I need to work on, definitely my perimeter defense."

As with many of the recruits out there today, Davis enjoys pushing the ball up the floor.

"I like Tennessee a whole lot, and I love their offense. I want to play in an up-tempo, fast paced offense, and that's what they do," he said.

Davis also emphasized how much school means to him. When asked of his future plans, the NBA, and how it pertained to him, he quite simply said, "Man, it's however things go. I want to play in the NBA someday, but education is really important to me too."

Davis, who is ranked as the 11th best shooting guard by, says he has no time table yet on making a top 5. He's also not sure where he will visit, but ended the conversation by reiterating that he "likes Tennessee a lot."

Look for the Vols to have a tremendous shot at landing an official visit in the future. However things workout, some school will find itself lucky enough to have Jeremiah Davis being successful for their university both on, and off the court.

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