Return to The Swamp

Lane Kiffin will be attending his second Tennessee-Florida football game at The Swamp in Gainesville this weekend. Last time he was pulling for the Gators.

That's because his future wife, Layla Reaves, was a University of Florida grad.

"I've been to one game in The Swamp," Kiffin recalled during his Tuesday news conference. "It was 10 years ago on this date - this Saturday coming up - and it was a Tennessee-Florida game. It was the only Tennessee game I'd ever been to and the only Florida game I'd ever been to."

It's a safe bet that Kiffin wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to the action on the field that day. He was thinking about "popping the question" to his girl friend, the daughter of former Florida quarterback and assistant coach John Reaves.

"She took me to the game - she obviously went to the University of Florida - and we got engaged the next day," Kiffin recalled. "Florida won that day but at that time I was happy Florida won because I was with her."

The fourth-ranked Gators upset the second-ranked and defending national champ Vols 23-21 on that fateful day in 1999.

"It was crazy," Kiffin recalled. "It was an electric atmosphere. We got there on Friday, so it was pretty neat to see all of the RVs come into town and the whole city shut down basically for the Florida-Tennessee game. It was a neat atmosphere and a very electric atmosphere."

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