Volunteers in good hands with Lane Kiffin

Building a championship football team isn't easy, it helps when you have a man in charge of your program that has been there, done that in other words. This Tennessee football program is in great hands with Lane Kiffin. Kiffin has a detailed plan on how to reenergize this once storied program. Go "Inside" to see why things aren't bad as some might think.

Recruiting is a lot like winning.

Winning is said to cure all ills, how much would a win this weekend at the Swamp stop all the worrying and hand wringing over the state of this football program.

This program is in the best shape it's been in a long time, everyone has to realize that it's going to take time and the best way to solve the problem is by having better athletes than the other guys.

This is where recruiting comes in.

No one recruits better than Lane Kiffin and this coaching staff, the proof is in the pudding. Take Sunday for instance, one day after a very disappointing loss to UCLA, the Volunteers picked up two five star prospects and one four star, it was the good news that UT Nation needed.

Kiffin has a very detailed plan on how to build a championship program. He has experience being a part of a championship team, one that knows and expects to win every time they take the field.

This didn't happen overnight at USC, it took a lot of hard work and a lot of recruiting by Kiffin and Ed Orgeron.

Do those two names sound familiar?

Those same two men were instrumental in building USC into a national power. Add Monte Kiffin, the nation's best defensive coordinator and the other assistant coaches Kiffin has assembled and you have the makings of something very special. Coaches like Eddie Gran and Lance Thompson have experience building championship teams in the state of Alabama. If you can do it at Alabama, surely they can do it with the Smoky Mountains surrounding them.

Currently this Tennessee recruiting class is ranked as No. 3 in the nation and No. 1 in the SEC, when the last time that has happened at Rocky Top?

Kiffin takes a lot of heat nationally for some of the things he has said, I can't wait for to see Mark Mays face on ESPN when he is forced to say good things about Tennessee playing for championships in the next few years.

Yes losing to UCLA was something that no one wanted to occur, but hey this is college football this is why we play the game. You never know who is going to win, anything can happen.

How will this team respond to adversity, how has Kiffin and staff prepared this team for a major challenge this week in the murky Swamp?

One game doesn't make or break this team, nor will this weekends game at Florida will determine Kiffin's success in the future in Knoxville.

Kiffin is the right man for the job; he has brought so much energy and excitement to so many.

Not only the fan base that needed to be reenergized in the worst way. This football team needed his energy, his confidence and his swagger.

It will only be a matter of time before all of this will start paying off, the better the athletes the better the team and of course the better the coaching staff will look and be.

Anyone can take a team of stallions and win every race, it's the ones that develop and train those young ponies into winners.

This team will learn how to win; they will also learn how to expect to win every time they take the field.

This won't happen overnight, but the way Kiffin and company is stocking the cupboard, it won't be long.

Boy how a win tomorrow would erase everyone's complaining and belly aching.

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