UF vs UT game may be over, rivalry isn't

The game may be over but apparently the war of words isn't, both coaches aren't through fighting or at least throwing little jabs at one another. It's apparent that Florida may have won the game Saturday but the Rivalry between Lane Kiffin and Urban Meyer is just getting started. Go "Inside" to see what Kiffin had to say about Meyer's comments Sunday about the Vols playing not to win.

The game may be over but apparently the war of words isn't, both coaches aren't through fighting or at least throwing little jabs at one another.

No. 1 Florida defeated Tennessee 23-13 Saturday, falling dramatically short of the 30 point spread and the sixty points some Gator fans thought they would win by.

Urban Meyer threw a little jab Sunday saying he thought Tennessee wasn't playing to win the ballgame.

Come on Urbie, did we watch the same game? Tennessee punched you in the mouth from the onset of Saturday's contest. They battled you down to the wire, and you think that Lane Kiffin coached not to win the ballgame.

Kiffin was asked about Meyer's comments after the Volunteer's practice Monday afternoon. Kiffin hesitated and thought about his response before his reply.

"This off season our SEC Commissioner made a big deal about our renewal of vows about what we are suppose to say about other coaches and other players," Kiffin said. "Obviously Urban feels he doesn't need to follow that. That's all we are going to say about that."

Would you ever say another coach didn't play to win?

"No I would never say that."

Kiffin thought his team played hard and with a lot of effort.

"We talked about it a lot that they had a very physical defense," Kiffin said. "We wanted to go after them and finish them on plays, can't run out of bounds. We weren't going down there and do anything but play physical. I was told when I first got here that we had been scare of them in the past because of how physical they are; I think we proved Saturday we weren't scared of them."

Kiffin is excited that the Volunteers are back playing at home this weekend.

"We are excited to get back in front of our fans," Kiffin said. "We are disappointed in the result we gave them last time; they did everything they could do for us on third down situations. We want to go out and get them a win this week."

Is there going to be a change at quarterback this week?

"No we are excited about the game plan we are already starting to put together this week," Kiffin said. "Jonathan needs to have a very good game this week. We need to do a good job supporting him."

Is Kiffin and the Vols having problems with the flu like what Florida has been battling?

"I don't know, I guess we will wait and see," Kiffin said. "If we aren't excited about our performance we will tell everyone that we were sick."


Veteran offensive lineman Vlad Richard is out with a knee injury for the Ohio game this week.


Senior running back Montario Hardesty didn't take a snap Monday, he was the war horse for the Vols against Florida Saturday. At this point he is expected to play against Ohio.

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