Kiffin mullin' two Sullins

They were born of the same mother on the same day. They graduated from the same high school with the same 4.182 grade-point average. They have the same build and facial features. They have the same major (finance) and attend the same university.

And this Saturday - thanks to Vladimir Richard's knee injury - they may start side by side in the same offensive line as Tennessee hosts Ohio University.

Cody Sullins already starts at center for the Vols, and twin brother Cory could be Richard's replacement at left guard.

"It's very important that whoever we have out there at left guard for us (can) fill Vlad's shoes," Cory said. "We have a man down, so we've got to have people step up and do things the right way, don't miss a beat when we get out there and just roll on."

Even if Cory doesn't start, he and his brother project to play alongside one another for a significant portion of the contest - something they already did in Games 1, 2 and 3.

"It's kind of neat," Cody said. "It's a special kind of feeling. When you're out there on the field, though, you're not thinking so much about who's next to you as who's across from you. When you look back on it after the game it's pretty neat."

Both Sullins are fifth-year seniors. Both stand 6-1 and weigh 270 pounds. Both came to Tennessee as walk-ons, although Cody subsequently earned a scholarship. Though close, they are not immune to sibling rivalry.

"It happens in the huddle quite a bit, especially in the first game (vs. Western Kentucky)," Cory said. "We were talking back and forth, arguing a little bit."

Although Tennessee is a 20-point favorite, the brothers say the Vols aren't taking Ohio lightly. After all, the Bobcats played third-ranked Ohio State to a 26-14 loss last year in Columbus.

"They battled Ohio State right down to the end last year," Cody said. They're a good team. I can only speak to their defense. We (offensive players) watched their defense a lot, and they're a disciplined football team.

"Their players aren't the high-caliber that we have here but they work really hard during games. All of their players have a really high-motor, and you have to really be disciplined and work really hard all game to compete with them."

Tennessee ran the ball reasonably well (117 yards) last weekend vs. Florida, but the Vols are convinced they left a lot of yards on the field.

"We definitely could've done better," Cody said. "After watching the film we saw a lot of missed opportunities we had - not finishing on blocks, not taking the right angle on blocks and things of that nature. That 117 yards could've easily been 200, and we could've put more touchdowns on the board if we'd been more disciplined and not missed those opportunities that we did."

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