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A noon time kickoff against rival Georgia should provide all the motivation needed to fire up the Tennessee Volunteers this weekend. The Vols can ill afford start out SEC play 0-3, Saturday's matchup against the Bulldogs is a much needed win. Go "Inside" this press release to see what Lane Kiffin had to say about the challenges Georgia presents.

Opening Comments:

"This is a big week for us, being able to play at home again in front of our crowd in a huge SEC game for us and a big-time rivalry. We are going to have our hands full. This is an extremely talented team. As we've continued to watch them on film over the last 48 hours, they have so many great players. This will be real challenge for us. We are going to have to have a great week of practice starting with today in order to give ourselves a chance.

"They have a very explosive offense and a dynamic defense. They have players all over the place. You think a play is going to open up, but they are so fast and so big. This is going to be a good test for us. We are excited. All you have to do is look no further than our last game against them and our 1 yard rushing. This is a defense that can absolutely dominate you at times, so you have to have a great week of practice."

On Georgia's A.J. Greene:

"He is really dynamic. He has the ability to go up and make plays with the ball and then once he has it in his hands, he is like a little guy he is so quick. There are so many missed tackles on him. He is almost impossible to defend. That's why his numbers are the way that they are. A number of people are going to have to do a great job, and obviously it would help to get our pass-rush back too."

On Georgia's Joe Cox running the offense rather than Matthew Stafford:

"I don't think they are very much different at all. I don't think they are different from 15 years ago at Florida State. They do what they do. They don't change very much. As you watch last year's stuff and watch this year's stuff, I don't really see that big of a difference at all, just some different people in there. We know where they are going to be but we are going to have to make the plays and be very sound."

On pass protection in the Auburn game:

"We played better in pass protection. As we look at the one-on-one matchups, the guys did a good job, especially in the two-minute when the guys know you're throwing the ball. Aaron Douglas being a freshman, (he was going against) two very good ends there; one defensive end was All-SEC last year. That was really good to see. He had about two negative plays that hurt us but outside of that, he did a really good job.

"We need to be more consistent in the running game and continue to improve there, but it was good to see because had it not been something that I could have hung our hat on. I wouldn't have said we were a great two-minute pass protect team. It was good to see that. This week will go up another level. This defensive line can really give you some issues. They are so big and powerful inside that they can run you over, which is not one of our strengths. We aren't very big in there so we are going to have to do some things to help us out."

On if the offensive line's success in pass protection is expanding his play-calling:

"As the game went on, we felt a little more confident. You could see that in the fourth quarter. You never know going in if that's going to be the case. Like I have always said, you never know how a game is going to play out. Whether it's going to be high-scoring or low-scoring, you always have to get a feel as it goes. In that game, we got more confidence in being able to drop back in the fourth quarter because they were doing a good job of it."

On the offense being encouraging in the fourth quarter:

"Yes, it is very encouraging. Like I said yesterday, I would much rather have ended on a strong note than maybe have had a really good first quarter, then not play very well on offense the whole second half and have to go back and figure out what went wrong. It's good we finished as well as we did. We have been a very good fourth-quarter team this year. We have the largest fourth quarter (scoring) margin in the SEC, I think 56-16 we have outscored our opponent. That's something that is very special to us because we talk all the time about being a fourth-quarter team, being physical, being conditioned, and being able to win games in the fourth quarter. Now we have to win them.

"At least we are on track as far as the way we are playing, but we need to start faster. Our defense did, and our offense had one explosive play the first play then sputtered around. As I said yesterday, you look at that offense we played last week and (they) scored touchdowns in 13 straight quarters coming in. We went the first five possessions and only gave up two field goals on defense. There were some good things to build on in that game."


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