Kiffin makes dynamic entrance into Georgia

Whether it's his over flowing confidence, or some of the brash things he says, Lane Kiffin knows how to make a splash and entrance. He made a huge entrance onto the Georgia recruiting scene here Friday night as he and Ed Orgeron traveled across the city of Atlanta in a chartered helicopter. Go "Inside" we were there to document the trip, and see first hand the recruiting experts at work.

Lane Kiffin has had a plan from day one how to re-energize the Tennessee fan base and create a stir and excitement that hasn't been seen at Rocky Top in some time.

He and his staff came up with a master plan in recruiting, including how to recruit on a national basis in bias states such Florida and Georgia.

After Tennessee's success against Georgia on the football field, expect the Vol coaching staff to go after several of the Bulldog top prospects.

The Volunteer's recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron spent the entire week in the Peach State, making his presence known throughout Georgia. He was joined by linebacker coach Lance Thompson in the latter part of the week.

Kiffin arrived in Georgia on Thursday and was an instant hit, including renting an off orange helicopter to fly over the city of Atlanta Friday night.

One administrator at North Gwinnett High School was impressed with the Vols new coaching staff.

"They are definitely making a splash here in Georgia," the administrator said. "They are doing things the right way and doing things in a big way. Kids now a days love that big time approach. They also took care of business on the football field last week, all the kids are talking about that game. How bad Tennessee beat Georgia."

Kiffin, who has been a head coach at the highest level of football in the NFL, has made no secret of making the University of Tennessee a NFL prep school for the big league.

So much in fact he has had a jacket made that has the label NFL Vols.

"We have a lot of coaches with NFL experience on this staff," Kiffin said in an earlier interview. "We let all our recruits know that they will be coached by the very best and will be prepped and prepared for the next level."

Kiffin has been joined by his father, NFL defensive guru and coordinator Monte Kiffin. The lure of being coached by the elder Kiffin is definitely intriguing its share of high caliber prospects.

Kiffin and Orgeron arrived in their chartered helicopter at the Stephenson and Martin Luther King game, a game that just happened to be televised by ESPNU. Kiffin and Orgeron got a lot of camera time, and their departure in the chopper also got a lot of T.V. time.

The two coaches arrived at North Gwinnett High School or a couple of miles from the school in a private back yard of a local resident. They were led to the school by a police escort and a mini entourage of school officials.

Once they arrived at the school several other police officers were assigned to the Tennessee coaches to make sure that no rowdy Georgia fans were still upset from the previous week butt whipping the Vols gave the Dawgs.

Despite all the police surrounding them, they still took time to recognize their fans.

In fact one adult and child dressed in all orange rushed the gate to try to get closer and possibly an autograph. The police stopped them in their tracks, "hey it's ok, they are with us, they are with me, they are family" Kiffin told the officers.

He and Orgeron signed things for guys wearing red also, the entire crowd was very warm and welcoming, and it was like having a Rock Star on the sidelines.

"We are just so excited that he chose to come to one of our games," said one North Gwinnett fan said. "It's an honor to have the head coach here. I hope JaWuan James becomes a Vol."

Kiffin's goal was to get the University of Tennessee on the map, especially in recruiting.

If the fly over by the helicopter by the stadium wasn't enough, then his presence on the sidelines is definitely working on accomplishing that.

Look for Kiffin and staff to spend a lot more time in the Peach State in the weeks to come.

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