Breaking down the opposition: South Carolina

At we are always looking at ways to improve our product. In a new weekly feature, we will work on doing a better job breaking down the Vols opposition. Giving our fans a closer look at who we are playing this week and what their folks are saying about playing the Volunteers. Go "Inside" with our coverage of Steve Spurrier's Sunday teleconference to see what he had to say.

The Ole ball coach must be mellowing in his old age.

Steve Spurrier held his weekly teleconference here Sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern. Once known for being a little brass and full of confidence in his younger days at Florida, that's the one question that appeared to bother the South Carolina head coach the most.

One member of the media asked him how he felt being Lane Kiffin being compared to the younger Spurrier.

"Next question, I'm not even going to answer that one," Spurrier was quick to respond. "Next question."

Spurrier was also asked his thoughts about what Coach Kiffin has accomplished since his arrival at Rocky Top.

"I don't focus on what other teams are doing," Spurrier said. I'm focused on us getting better on offense, defense and special teams."

He did have a few things to say about Tennessee.

"Tennessee obviously a really good defensive team," Spurrier said. "They are very similar to Alabama as far as size, strength etc. We know will have our hands full, but hey we have had our hands full with Vanderbilt, South Carolina State, Florida Atlantic and everybody we have played so far."

One area of concern for Spurrier is the play of his special teams.

"We have to shore up our kick off coverage," Spurrier said. "We have to work on that and see if we can improve and go to Knoxville and get into a close game with Tennessee and see if some good things can happen for us."

Tennessee hasn't allowed but one visit to its red zone in the Vols last two games against Georgia and Alabama. Does that concern Spurrier?

"Heck I just found out that we didn't get into our red zone last night against Vandy," Spurrier said. "We still won the game. We will need to do a better job at that, we will hard this week to improve in a lot of areas of our game."

While Spurrier wasn't necessarily happy with the way his team played against the Commodores in last night's 14-10 victory, he is happy that his team is currently 6-2.

"It wasn't pretty," Spurrier said. "But hey we still won. There are a lot of teams out there that would love to have six wins and be bowl eligible. I'm glad we found a way to win that one last night and we will back to work to get better this week."

Spurrier noted that his defensive unit continued to play well, but not extremely well.

"We did enough to win the game," Spurrier said. "When our defensive staff went back and looked at the film to give out some game balls we couldn't come up with any super plays."

While Spurrier wouldn't get caught up with anything against his opponent, he did say that his focus and his team's focus will be on their improvement this week.

"We can't worry about the other guys," Spurrier said. "We have to worry about us getting better. Hopefully we can go to Knoxville and find a way to come home with another win. We look forward to the challenge and the opportunity."

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