Tennessee top 10

With apologies to David Lettermen, here are the top 10 reasons Tennessee thumped South Carolina 31-13 Saturday night:

10. Love 'em or hate 'em, the black jerseys seemed to fire up the Vols.

9. Tennessee is gaining poise and confidence each time it takes the field.

8. The "Alabama hangover" proved to be a false alarm.

7. Monte Kiffin just gets better with age.

6. UT linebacker Rico McCoy must've been cloned. There seemed to be two of him all night long.

5. Zero turnovers by Tennessee, four by Carolina.

4. A 14-0 lead four minutes into the game is a pretty good start.

3. South Carolina ball-carriers thought "It is better to give than to receive" was a reference to turnovers.

2. Gamecock receivers were more concerned about pumping gas than catching the pass.

1. The New Ball Coach (Lane Kiffin) had more answers than the Ol' Ball Coach (Spurrier).

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