Vicki Baugh Video Interview was on hand for the Lady Vols Media Day on Monday in our efforts to bring all Tennessee fans the very best coverage of all UT Athletics. Go "Inside" this one-on-one interview with Ali Griffin and Lady Vol basketball player Vicki Baugh.

A transcript of the Q&A follows, as acoustics in the player lounge were not the best. Read it here, and see Vicki Baugh in the video.

InsideTennessee: With your injury you have only been able to practice on a limited basis. How has your knee responded being back on the court?

Vicki Baugh: Some days I can make it through an entire practice. Other days I will feel some pain and have to sit out for part of practice.

InsideTennessee: What are your goals this season? Where do you want to be midway through and where do you want to be at the season's finish?

Baugh: I first want to focus on getting healthy and being there for my team. By the end of the season, of course we want a championship. As far as for myself, I want to regain complete confidence in my knee and be back to 100 percent.

InsideTennessee: This isn't the first knee injury you've had in the past year. How have you handled two major surgeries on your knee?

Baugh: The way I look at it is a lot of people have it a lot worse, and I don't want to complain about a knee injury. I feel that every injury makes you stronger and I have no choice but to just work through it. I can either think negatively or I can think positively, and I'm choosing to look at it positively.

InsideTennessee: When you're on the court, how much are you thinking about your knee?

Baugh: There will occasionally be some twists, turns, and falls that definitely make me think about my injury, but I just try to play through the pain as much as I can.

InsideTennessee: Back in March, you guys unfortunately lost in the first round to Ball State. How do you think it has affected the team?

Baugh: It affected us, but we have learned from our mistakes and it will not happen again.

InsideTennessee: Do you think it is pushing you guys even harder this season?

Baugh: Definitely!

InsideTennessee: How do you think you can help the team this season?

Baugh: I can definitely be a great rebounder, offensive threat and defensive threat. We all have great components to bring to the team, but I feel like I can be a lot of help with rebounding.

InsideTennessee: Are you looking forward to a healthy Kelley Cain this season and do you think you all will present a very formidable post combination?

Baugh: I'm really excited about her being back and I think we will definitely do well with the high-low post combination. We obviously haven't had a chance to run it together in games, but it's something I'm really looking forward to doing.

InsideTennessee: What are you doing as far as recovery goes on a daily basis?

Baugh: I go to rehab on a daily basis, and I make sure I get treatment every day. I practice as much as possible and I lift weights three times a week. I'm always doing something, but I rest my knee one day a week.

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