Vols take Sunday as day of rest

The Tennessee Volunteers once again rested on Sunday. Go "Inside" to hear what Lane Kiffin had to say regarding the team after a disaster in Oxford. After three weeks of Sunday practices, the first-year head coach felt like his team needed a couple of days off.

After three weeks of Sunday practices Lane Kiffin and the Tennessee Volunteers rested Sunday afternoon. The Volunteer football team did not practice after a lopsided loss in Oxford, Mississippi.

"It is just something that I have always done late in the season, basically the fourth quarter of the season," said Kiffin. "Really this is for our young guys, because we don't practice much on these days. It is just easier for them to not have to go out at all, on their bodies."

The injury to linebacker LaMarcus Thompson was fresh on the Tennessee faithful's mind and Kiffin was quick to address the situation Sunday.

"Everything was negative. He is very sore, but he is going to be OK," said Kiffin.

Kiffin was unsure whether Thompson would return to the field for next week's game against Vanderbilt.

After another blocked field goal during Saturday's contest, Kiffin will again officially open up the kicking duties during this week's practice.

"We definitely open it up. The protection was fine," said Kiffin. "The kick was to low. It was on target and looked like it was going to go in, but it was another low kick."

Kiffin also revealed that Rico McCoy was playing through a knee injury during Saturday's game. Kiffin added that McCoy knew there wasn't much in the way of backups for his role, which caused him to keep playing through his injury.

"Probably should have not have kept playing, he is just so tough he acted like he wasn't hurt," said Kiffin. "He was basically playing on one leg."

Kiffin said that Shane Reveiz would have been brought in to replace McCoy if he was unable to play the remainder of the game.

Darren Myles Jr. (hip, back) was also held out of action during Saturday's game despite the absence of freshman safety Janzen Jackson. Kiffin said Myles is expected to return to practice this week.

"I don't have the number for you right now. I think we lost track. After the game I thought we set a school record. Now I think we set a national record," said Kiffin.

Kiffin again addressed the three Volunteer freshmen that were arrested last week on charges of attempted robbery.

"They are not in any of our activities, obviously they didn't go to the game with us, nor have they been in our facility or in any of our meetings," said Kiffin. "They will not play or practice till I get all the information in."

Kiffin and the Volunteers will return to the practice field Tuesday afternoon to begin what Kiffin said will be an extremely physical week of practice.

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