UT committed kicker gets offer from Gators

Tennessee has had a commitment from the nation's No. 1 kicker Michael Palardy for some time. Miami has been after the South Florida athlete for some time, has Florida entered the picture with an official offer? Does this latest development change things with Palardy and how he feels towards UT. Go "Inside" for those answers and more.

When you have a commitment from the No. 1 player at his position, you should expect some competition for his services.

That has been the case for current Tennessee commitment and the nations No. 1 Kicker in the country Michael Palardy.

Palardy had already decided between Tennessee and LSU among several other official offers, that haven't stopped some schools from making their advances and their desire for the kicker's signature known.

"Miami calls me at least once a week telling me just in case I change my mind I will have a place on their team," Palardy told InsideTennessee.com Tuesday night."

When asked about the rumor about getting an offer from Florida, Palardy clarified an earlier quote.

"I had already committed to Tennessee, Florida made it know I probably would get an offer from them, even one of their coaches told me to expect one. I really didn't think much about it I had already made my choice and there is no way I'm going to change my mind. I haven't had any recent contact with Florida."

Palardy has taken a different approach to recruiting lately; he has become the recruiter instead of the one being recruited.

"I have been doing some recruiting of my own lately," Palardy admitted. "I have been working on my boys, my current teammates. The one I feel we have the best chance at is Cody Riggs. His brother played there, I have been working on him a lot."

How solid is Palardy to Tennessee?

"Like I said earlier there is no way I'm going to change my mind, I'm 100 percent a Volunteer," Palardy said. "I was stuck on Tennessee before I ever made a visit there. After my visit there am no way I will change my mind?"

Palardy has been keeping up with his future team a lot.

"I think maybe I have missed watching one game all year, that game wasn't broadcasted anywhere," Palardy said. "I won't ever forget the Alabama game. I kept seeing myself coming on the field and making that game winning kick."

According to Palardy, he is the type of competitor that loves to have the game in his hands.

"I love and thrive on that kind of pressure," Palardy said. "I want to be the one everyone is looking at. The other coach can try to ice me if he wants to, he will waste his timeouts."

Palardy eludes confidence in everything he does, including sending every one of his kickoffs for all touchbacks with the exception of three.

"Only three out of seventy of my kickoffs didn't sail out of the end zone," Palardy said. "That game I had a 30 mile per hour cross wind in my face. I still almost knocked them out. I was disappointed that I didn't."

According to Palardy, it's not just his strong leg that makes him the nation's No. 1 kicker.

"I definitely have a strong leg," Palardy admitted. "Everyone loves that fact about me, but I feel that the one thing that is just as important as my physical talents is the fact that I'm mentally prepared for every game. No matter how long the kick is I always have the confidence that I will make it. I want to be that guy the coach can believe in and trust when the game is on the line."

Palardy expects to get the opportunity to do all the kicking chores once he arrives in Knoxville.

"They are telling me that I will kick all the extra points, field goals and kick offs," Palardy said. "They are also telling me that I will get a shot at the starting role at punter."

Palardy admits that he caught a little grief from some of his Miami area friends for wanting to play at Tennessee.

"I tell them that the SEC is by far the best conference in the country," Palardy said. "A mediocre Georgia team demolishes a nationally ranked Tech team. South Carolina, a team we soundly defeated, whipped Clemson."

It's not only Palardy's confidence that sets him apart from most. He is also proud of the fact that he is different in another way.

"There aren't that many left footed kickers out there," Palardy laughed. "I would like to think I'm a lot smarter than those right footed kickers."

Tennessee has matched Palardy's excitement about his future in Knoxville.

"I talk to all the coaches a lot," Palardy said. "Coach Gran and Coach Monte Kiffin will be at my school Wednesday. They are going to help me with my efforts to get Riggs to commit."

Coach Gran will return to South Florida on Sunday evening with Lane Kiffin for a home visit with the Palardys.

"We are going to have dinner together Sunday night," Palardy noted. "I'm not sure what my mom is going to cook for them, but she is a great cook, it will be good."

Palardy said to make sure and let all Volunteer fans know one thing.

"I'm already a Volunteer, nothing is going to change that," Palardy promised.

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