Vols finish up short week of practice

Lane Kiffin and the Tennessee Volunteers finished their last short week of practice on Sunday before beginning their bowl preparations next weekend. Go "Inside" to learn about the Volunteers progress towards their New Year's Eve bowl game.

Lane Kiffin and the Tennessee Volunteers took to the practice field Sunday afternoon to conclude their last short week of practice.

Kiffin and the Vols coaching staff threw a lot of situational practice at the Volunteers Sunday afternoon before beginning bowl preparations next Friday.

"Thought practice was good today, a lot of situational stuff," said Kiffin. "Continue to do a lot of work, now they will lift and run throughout the week. We come back on Friday and that will be our normal Tuesday practice and we will start our preparation."

Kiffin and the Volunteers coaching staff have been preparing their game plan for the Virginia Tech Hokies, but none of the game plan has been filtered to the players. The players will get their first look at the Vols plan Friday afternoon.

Kiffin and the Volunteer coaching staff are looking forward to getting back into a regular game week schedule after a tough week of recruiting.

"I am looking forward to getting into a game week preparation, get back in the rhythm, get our guys in rhythm and our coaches in a rhythm," said Kiffin. "We will have a great week recruiting, be all over the place and then we come back Friday and it's time to turn back to Virginia Tech and get ready to play."

With the Volunteers chasing a load of early enrollees, this week will be comparable to the week before signing day for the Vols coaching staff.

"This is closing time, last chance we get to see them and so we got a great plan for this week, a lot of coaches going into position-specific guys instead of just their area," said Kiffin. "This is kind of like the week before signing day in a sense for us with so many mid-years."

The position coaches will begin to focus on targeting their specific position during this week's recruiting trips.

"We have such good position coaches that it is time for them to take over somewhat of their area and get in there and really sell what they do with their group, and how they can prepare them for the NFL and better them as players," said Kiffin.

Kiffin added that Jim Chaney would be helping recruit the positions of both wide receiver and running back in the absence of departed coaches Frank Wilson and Eddie Gran.

Kiffin said the Volunteers are healthy with the exception of corner Art Evans who is still nursing a shoulder injury, but is participating in practice.

The Vols will continue to lift throughout the week before returning to practice Friday afternoon.

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