Bray begins career at Rocky Top

Just a few weeks removed from their high school careers, three newcomers made their first appearance in a Tennessee uniform Friday afternoon, as the Volunteers continue to prepare for their matchup against Virginia Tech in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Go "Inside" to find out how Tyler Bray, Matt Milton and Channing Fugate fared in their first official practice.

Tyler Bray took to the Tennessee practice field for the first time on Friday afternoon as the Vols underwent preparations for the Chik-fil-a bowl on New Year's Eve.

Quarterback's coach David Reaves is excited about having Bray early and getting him involved in the Volunteers routine.

"Last week he was playing high school football, so it was a little faster out here for him, but it is awesome to get him out here and get these reps and get in the meetings," said Reaves.

Reaves had already recognized Bray's talent from day one, but knows that he has a long way to go before he plays quarterback for the orange and white.

"He has things to learn and that's why we got him here early. He's got talent, he's got the size, you know obviously we've got to put some meat on him, but he has talent and will be a heck of a quarterback for us," said Reeves.

Bray enters Tennessee at 6'7" and only 190 pounds. Bray's early start at practice will help with his maturation process.

Reaves said that the plan for Bray's first day was to not feed him too much information too quickly.

"Just trying to not overwhelm him. You know get the basic offense to him. We are practicing for a bowl game so we are getting ready for that game," said Reaves.

Bray is sticking to the basics early in his college football career even though he just came off a state title in his home state of California.

"He is just learning how to do the snap count. That's the biggest thing we are teaching him right now and he screwed that up a couple of times, so he is just learning and hopefully we can get the snap tomorrow and just keep getting better," said Reaves.

It may have been Bray's first day on campus, but he definitely has the confidence and swagger of a college quarterback.

"He is a calm kid, has a lot of confidence just in the short time I have been with him. I look forward to working with him," said Reaves.

Bray will have the luxury of throwing to targets like 6'5" wide receiver Matt Milton who also experienced his first practice as a Vol on Friday afternoon. There is no doubt that Reaves is excited to see a big body at wideout for his quarterbacks to throw to ball to.

"He sure looked pretty out there. He caught a touchdown the last play of practice," said Reaves. "Its going to be nice to throw to some 6'5" targets out there."

Fullback/H back Channing Fugate also participated in his first practice as a Vol.

The Volunteers will continue their bowl preparations Saturday afternoon.

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