Vols Sunday practice report

Lane Kiffin and the Volunteers ended their practice sessions at Decatur High School on Sunday morning. The Volunteers will head to the Georgia Dome to complete their bowl preparations. Go "Inside" to see what Lane Kiffin had to say about practice and Urban Meyer's situation.

Lane Kiffin and the Tennessee Volunteers took to the Decatur High School football field on Sunday morning before heading to the Georgia Dome to complete their bowl preparations.

The Volunteers underwent another long and physical practice Sunday morning. Kiffin said he felt the Vols were still a bit rusty in their second practice in Atlanta.

"We are still rusty. I would have liked today to be better, be more crisp, especially on offense," said Kiffin. "We still have a ton of work to do."

Junior defensive end Chris Walker also acknowledged that the Vols were a little rusty during Saturday's practice, but the Vols shook off the rust on Sunday and got to work.

"A lot better. Like coach said we had a lot of energy yesterday, but assignment-wise we were kind of rusty," said Walker. "Today we came out really focused on our assignments. We still had really good energy."

Walker cited both the recent holiday and the cold for the Vols shaky start during Sunday's practice.

"Just coming off being a home with our families. Coming out it was kind of cold for us and we haven't been out in the cold for a while, but today we picked it up," said Walker.

Kiffin also said that Bryce Brown (concussion) returned to practice Sunday morning, but only in a limited role.

"Bryce Brown moved around on the side and did stuff in warmup. He still has a concussion," said Kiffin. "We will retest him in the morning. He did do some things well on the side. We anticipate him being able to practice tomorrow."

Kiffin also said the Aaron Douglas (ankle) was moving around better on Sunday, but was again limited throughout practice. Kiffin added that he expects that Douglas will be full speed by Monday's practice.

Lane Kiffin even found time to comment on the recent news of Urban Meyer's resignation as the head football coach at the University of Florida.

"Sad deal, reading The New York Times this morning and seeing that," said Kiffin. "We wish him the best of luck."

The Volunteers head football coach said it is an extremely difficult balancing act to handle both your football life and your home life.

"Its extremely tough. Especially how competitive it is these days and especially in this conference," said Kiffin.

Kiffin gave a lot of credit to his wife Layla Kiffin. Kiffin said it is crucial to have a wife that is able to handle all the pressures of being a football coach's spouse.

"Its really on your wife. To have a wife that can really handle all that goes with it and can be independent enough," said Kiffin.

Kiffin cited growing up in a football household for his added experience in balancing football and family.

"I don't know any different," said Kiffin. "To me it seems normal. I have to remind myself of other people outside our world, that weren't raised in this world, how different it is."

Even with the departure, or possible sabbatical of Urban Meyer, Kiffin still believes that Florida is the team to beat in the SEC east.

Kiffin and the Volunteers will continue practice on Monday in the dome.

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