Is Air Force's Calhoun headed to Rocky Top?

One name keeps popping up in the University of Tennessee coaching search. Fourteen months ago Air Force Head Coach Troy Calhoun appeared to be a finalist before Lane Kiffin was hired. Is Calhoun the guy that Hamilton is going to offer?There appears to be a misconception about Calhoun's offense of choice. did a little research to see what the Vols could be getting.

When most Tennessee fans and players hear Air Force Head Coach Troy Calhoun mentioned in the coaching search for the Vols, they begin to worry.

There appears to be a misconception about Coach Calhoun and the Air Force football program.

Most Tennessee fans don't want to bring the triple option to Rocky Top - too boring, a waste of talent etc.

Apparently that's not the case. spoke to a couple of people that are very familiar with Calhoun as a coach and put some of the worries to rest.

"I truly believe if Coach Calhoun got the Tennessee job he would run the same pro style offense he did at the Houston Texans in 2006 when he was their offensive coordinator," one Calhoun fan said. "He loves to throw the football and he loves a balanced offensive attack."

So why is Calhoun running the triple option, veer offense in Colorado Springs?

Apparently it's because he adapted to the talent they had at the Air Force Academy. Most coaches realize that you have to format your offense to the skill set of your players. The triple option comes in handy when you have undersized offensive lineman.

"The main reason that Air Force runs the option is because that's what the talent demanded," one former college coach that follows Air Force said. "Coach Calhoun is more of a pro style type guy."

What type of reputation does Coach Calhoun bring with him?

"He is a very personable and very nice guy," the former college coach relayed. "He is definitely a player's type coach, his players love him and he is very easy to like."

Calhoun's name was circulated as one that was in the final few names the last time the Vol job came open 14 months ago, so it will be interesting to see where he ends up in the search this go around.

"Tennessee would get a great head coach in Coach Calhoun," a college coach said. "He is a great offensive mind, he did well at the Houston Texans and he has a lot of NFL experience. He would be a great hire for the Vols. He is a man of character, he gets the most of his players. They love him."

Volunteer fans can rest assured that if Calhoun gets the nod, he won't be bringing the triple option with him.

Stay tuned to for the latest on the Volunteer coaching search.

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