An "Inside" look at Houston's Kevin Sumlin

A lot of names are circulating in the coaching search to replace Lane Kiffin at the University of Tennessee. One name we have heard is Houston's Kevin Sumlin. reached out to State of Texas recruiting manager Alan Zepeda to his thoughts on the Houston Cougars head coach. Go "Inside" for a closer look at Sumlin and his talents.

It's easy to see why one Texas coach is getting a lot of attention when it comes to every major college opening. decided to reach out to the Lone Star State to find out a little more about University of Houston Head Coach Kevin Sumlin.

According to State recruiting manager Alan Zepeda, he isn't surprised that schools such as the University of Tennessee are showing interest in the second year Cougar head man.

"Coach Sumlin is the entire package," Zepeda said. "I knew when he was an assistant coach at Texas A&M he was going to be special. He did an outstanding job as Oklahoma's co-offensive coordinator and has really changed the program and the culture at the University of Houston."

Sumlin is known for his outgoing friendly personality; according to Zepeda he always has a smile on his face.

"He is such a great guy and person," Zepeda added. "Some head coaches are so standoffish; he is not that way at all. He is so down to earth, he has never met a stranger and he likes everyone."

At Houston Sumlin brought a combination offense of Oklahoma and Texas Tech to the Houston campus.

"His offense is a spread offense but it's for a pocket passer," Zepeda said. "He is very intelligent when it comes to X and O's and they bring a very creative offensive package to the field."

Another talent that Sumlin appears to have is having an eye for talent in coaches and players.

"He has a great eye for picking out talented assistant coaches," Zepeda noted. "He has put together a great staff of teachers of the game."

Can Sumlin recruit?

"That's an understatement," said Zepeda. "He is one of the best recruiters I have ever seen. Not many schools lock down the Houston area like he has. He goes toe to toe against Texas and Texas A&M for the state top kids. He signed one of the top 10 players last year and is on the way to sign the best class in the history of the University of Houston."

According to Zepeda, its Sumlin's personality and his confidence that makes him so successful on the recruiting trail.

"Players relate to him," Zepeda noted. "Parents love and trust him, everyone likes him. He isn't afraid to recruit against anyone; he goes after the best players no matter where they are from."

Another key talent that Sumlin possesses his work ethic, Zepeda said that Sumlin refuses to be outworked by anyone.

"His staff is relentless," Zepeda said. "They are some of the hardest working coaches I have seen in a long time. He brings such an excitement to the program, everyone loves being around him."

It's not surprised to hear Zepeda's answer when asked if he thought Sumlin was a BCS type head coach.

"Most definitely," the veteran recruiting expert said. "He has coached at two great BCS programs at A&M and Oklahoma. He is a winner; he has turned this program around and even made it better than it was when he got here. He deserves a BCS opportunity."

Sumlin, who led Houston to a 10-4 record this season and 8-5 his first year at Houston, just signed a contract extension at Houston.

"Kevin is very happy at Houston," Zepeda said. "It would take a top program like Tennessee for him to leave; I definitely think an offer from the Volunteers would be something he might have to consider."

Stay tuned to for a look at some of the other candidates that we believe to be in the final four finalists for the position.

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