Tennessee no longer leader for Cullen

A lot of things can change in a week. If you don't believe it, call any University of Tennessee football Fan. Someone else that can tell you are some of the prospects that are being recruited by the Vols. California offensive lineman John Cullen had the Vols as his leader, and that appears to have also changed. Go "Inside" the latest on Cullen's thoughts about the shakeup.

While most prospects pick a school that they like the most, others build relationships with the coaches recruiting them.

California offensive lineman John Cullen is one of the ones that wants to know who is recruiting him and who he will play for.

The University of Tennessee has been Cullen's early leader. Have things changed since all the coaching changes occurred at Rocky Top this past week?

"I wouldn't call them my leader right now, that has changed," Cullen told InsideTennessee.com. "They are still in my top five, but the coaching changes have really shook things up for me."

One of the key issues Cullen has isn't necessarily due to Lane Kiffin's departure, but the departure of offensive line coach James Cregg.

"Coach Cregg and I have been talking for over four to five months," Cullen said. "It will really depend on who they hire as the offensive line coach. I need to know who it is, how they coach and if I fit their system. It's not easy for me, because I really love it in Knoxville but I also really liked and look forward to playing for Coach Cregg."

Has Cullen heard from the new coaching staff?

"In fact Coach Jim Chaney called me last night as I was getting back from my visit to Kansas State," Cullen said. "Coach Chaney wanted to make sure I knew they still wanted me and that he would keep me informed on who they hire as the OL coach."

Cullen took an official visit to Kansas State this past weekend and enjoyed the visit to Wildcat Country.

"It was good," Cullen said. "I really liked it."

Cullen also enjoyed his time in Knoxville Tennessee, and that's what is probably keeping the Vols still in the running.

"I really loved it in Knoxville," Cullen said. "It felt like home to me. I loved all the Southern hospitality. All of that is why Tennessee is still one of my favorites."

Cullen is still planning on making his announcement on National Signing Day.

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