Ambles get visit from Dooley and staff

Derek Dooley and his Tennessee coaching staff are making a full court press to save one of the Vols top commitments, Markeith Ambles. Go "Inside" to see how the visit went this morning and what else will take place in Atlanta today.

Tennessee and its new head coach, Derek Dooley, are making a full court press on one of the Volunteers' wavering commitments.

According to Keith Ambles, the father of four-star wideout Markeith Ambles, their first meeting with Coach Dooley went really well.

"He seems very genuine," Mr. Ambles told Tuesday. "I figured I was going to like him, and I did."

Coach Dooley and Tennessee linebacker coach Lance Thompson met the Ambles family at Markeith's Henry County High School.

"I was off today and since Markeith was in school we figured it would be easier to meet up there," Mr. Ambles explained. "We don't have a problem with Tennessee; we have a problem with the timing and on how everything transpired. When you get use to a bunch of coaches and then all of a sudden they are gone it will make a young man second-guess things."

According to Mr. Ambles, the visits aren't over with.

"They are coming back this afternoon at the school with their new wide receiver coach, Charlie Baggett," Ambles said. "Right now Markeith is still committed, he is going to take other visits and then he will make his final announcement on signing day. Tennessee has a chance, they are still in it. I can't say for sure what he will do, I can't speak for Markeith. The timing of this situation is awful."

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