UT Saturday Practice Notebook

Saturday's practice was filled with emotion, some that head coach Derek Dooley liked and some that he didn't. Go "Inside" to get all the news and notes from Saturday's football practice in this edition of the practice notebook.

Offensive Line Progressing

While most of the Tennessee fans look at the offensive line as a potential weak point for the upcoming season that may not be the case according to defensive lineman Chris Walker.

"They are coming out and have something to prove," said Walker. "Jus t playing against them we can see they are going to be better than people think. I want everyone to know the offensive line is going to be a good team."

Head coach Derek Dooley agrees that the Volunteers have some good talent in the offensive trenches they just need some experience.

"We have some good young lineman and we are going to bring in some good lineman," said Dooley. "I have no doubt about their competitive spirit and their ability, its just a matter of experience."

Three for Three

The Volunteers implement goal line offense during Saturday's practice and the offense came out on top going three for three in their offense attempts.

"The offense kind of got us on that one, but like Tuesday they got us on Tuesday and we came back on Thursday and got in them a little bit," said Chris Walker. "Next time we do it we will be ready."

When asked if he thought that the offense coming out on top was an upset the senior disagreed.

"I wouldn't say it was an upset. They got two yards," said Walker.

Linebacker LaMarcus Thompson shared his defensive teammate's point of view.

"They got their yard, but they have to get down there first," said Thompson.

Dooley says Congrats

Before addressing his own team head coach Derek Dooley made it a point to recognize Bruce Pearl and the Tennessee basketball team for advancing to the elite eight for the first time in school history.

"Let me start by congratulating coach Pearl and the basketball team. What a phenomenal game that was and its a great example of effort, toughness and belief," said Dooley. " I was really proud to watch them after all that they have gone through to get where they have gotten. Its good to be a Volunteer."

Stability check, but Improvement is a Must

Daniel Lincoln and Chad Cunningham may be one of the few constants on Derek Dooley's football team, but the head coach says they need to improve and produce more at their respective positions.

"Its nice to have some stability there, but we also know that we need better production there," said Dooley. "We need them to improve their game, but its nice to have some experience at their position."

Moore and Jones Leading the Pack

Wide receiver is one of the few positions that the Volunteers have some solid depth at. Derek Dooley says that Denarius Moore and Gerald Jones are leading the way.

"It starts with Gerald and Denarius. They are two guys that have had production," said Dooley. "Gerald is doing a great job. He has a lot of ability and he is a guy you can really do some things with and Denarius brings some vertical threat. They are very complementary of each other."

Whistle to Whistle. That's It.

The Volunteers may need to adjust to a new culture of practice. Their new head coach says his players need to work on playing from whistle to whistle and letting that be the end of it.

"What I am most concerned about is, understanding what competitive spirit is. That's number one never getting affected," said Dooley." I think that we have a tendency to let our emotions get the best of us when it gets a little heated and that's the worst thing that can happen. Having a lot of extracurricular talk and activity after the play is wasted energy."

The Volunteers will resume spring practice Tuesday afternoon at Haslam Field.

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