Home Sweet Home for Chuck Smith

One former Vol got the news earlier this year that his dreams and destiny had finally come true. For Coach Chuck Smith, returning home to Rocky Top was a no brainer. In fact he feels that it's a honor and is excited about the future of the football program at UT. Go "Inside" to get his thoughts on a couple of the young defensive linemen.

It only takes a few minutes visiting with current Tennessee Defensive Line Coach Chuck Smith before something becomes very obvious.

He is happy to be home.

The former Vol football player is excited about being back at Rocky Top, this time to do something a little different. It's also obvious that he is a little different than last year's defensive line coach. For one thing he doesn't appear to be as loud.

"I have some guys that probably disagree with you about me not being loud and in your face type of guy," Smith told InsideTennessee.com. "I might not be as sexy as Ed (Orgeron) was, but I feel that I bring a lot of passion and love for the game and for the position. I think I‘m pretty loud at times."

It's also obvious that his players are enjoying being tutored by the former Vol.

"He is one of us," Chris Walker said in a previous interview. "The guys respect him and love him. He knows what it takes to be a Tennessee Volunteer; he knows what it takes to play the position."

It's also obvious how much Smith wants to be here in Knoxville.

"This is my dream job, this is my destiny," Smith said. "This is where I belong. I don't want to go coach anywhere else. This is good as it gets."

Smith, who spent time in the NFL with the New York Jets, is looking forward to helping return a lot of the traditions that come with playing at the University of Tennessee.

"I feel I can help these young men get to the next level," Smith said. "That's my goal along with making Tennessee the place all defensive linemen want to play at. We have had a lot of great defensive linemen play here, we want to build on that and continue those traditions."

When asked about two newcomers to the Vols defensive line, Coach Smith lit up like a child at Christmas time. It's apparent that Smith is excited about coaching Corey Miller and Jacques Smith for the next few years.

"Two young guys that are getting after it, they are scrapping," Smith smiled. "Those guys are man childs, what a great duo to teach. Really special for those guys, they get to be around some great veterans. They are thumping a lot and getting thumped some."

Is the future bright for Miller and Smith at the University of Tennessee?

"Yes, lord," Smith said. "Those two guys are going to be special."

Smith isn't shy about whose job it is to make sure they reach their potential.

"You have to coach them up," Smith said. "I will take all the responsibility to make sure they reach their potential. I'm all about being Chuck Smith. It's a honor being on this coaching staff. This is the University of Tennessee."

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