Posey is all VOL

The Vols picked up their second commitment of the 2011 recruiting class Tuesday morning in Athens, Georgia, when big offensive lineman Alan Posey chose the Vols over several schools, including Clemson. Go "Inside" this updated story on Posey and when and why he became a Vol.

One of Tennessee's newest commitments will have a little extra motivation when the Vols play Georgia every year in the SEC East.

In fact, every other year, Athens, Georgia, native Alan Posey will have one thing on his mind - going home and putting on a show.

Tennessee's new head coach returned to his high school alma mater of Clarke Central High School to pull out a big prospect from the Dawgs' back porch. Not only did the high school have ties to Dooley and Vols defensive line Coach Chuck Smith, but Dooley also has a connection with the head coach.

Clark Central's Head Coach Leroy Riles coached with Dooley at LSU and his thoughts about the Vols' first-year head coach apparently had an influence on Posey's decision.

"I have heard nothing but great things about Coach Dooley," Posey explained. "He has a great resume. He comes from a big football family, and he has done good things everywhere he has been at."

Today has a special meaning for the newest Vol, because Posey's grandfather passed away on this day in 1993, and the talented offensive lineman felt certain that his grandfather would have definitely been proud of him today.

"Yes sir, I'm sure he would be very proud of me," Posey told InsideTennessee.com. "Knowing that made this day very special."

When did Posey tell Tennessee coaches he would be a Vol?

"I actually made the decision after the Orange and White game, that's when I told Coach Dooley I was going to be a Vol," Posey said. "I just waited until today to make the official announcement."

What were some of the deciding factors for Posey?

"Every time I kept going up to the school, I had a gut feeling that is where I belonged," Posey said. "The more I got to know the coaches and the current players, it just felt right, it felt like home."

Will playing Georgia have special meaning for Posey?

"For everyone else on the team it will be just another game," Posey said. "For me it will be a chance to go home every other year and put on a show. They didn't show very much interest in me at all; it will definitely motivate me in the future."

While Georgia didn't show interest, several other schools did, including Clemson, Maryland, Georgia Tech, LSU and Louisville.

Is Posey's recruitment over?

"Most definitely," Posey said. "It wouldn't matter if Georgia offered tomorrow. I'm 100 percent Vol. Once I give my word on something there is no going back."

Posey will be an early enrollee, and is looking forward to competing for early playing time at Rocky Top.

"When I watched Tyler Bray out there this spring, I thought that could be me next spring," Posey said. "Not playing quarterback, but to get an opportunity to compete for a starting role early."

Posey, a 6-foot-6, 305-pound athlete, became the second commitment for Derek Dooley's 2011 recruiting class.

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