SEC should add USC

Amidst all of the talk about SEC expansion, one obvious school has been mysteriously overlooked. That's why I'm offering the top 10 reasons the Southeastern Conference should annex the Southern Cal Trojans:

10. It would make the SEC the only conference in America with two USCs - Southern Cal and South Carolina.

9. It would cause Florida's Urban Meyer to re-retire. He got enough of Lane Kiffin last year. He certainly doesn't want another dose.

8. It would give media who cover the SEC hundreds of colorful (albeit sometimes misguided) Kiffin quotes for their articles and sound bites for their newscasts.

7. It would give the SEC a foot-hold in the lucrative Los Angeles TV market.

6. It would give the 12 existing SEC teams a West Coast road trip every few years ... not a bad recruiting tool.

5. It would keep SEC Commissioner Mike Slive from getting bored.

4. It would dramatically improve the image of the league's other schools. Compared to Southern Cal, the cheating that goes on in the rest of the SEC would seem like childish pranks.

3. It would force the Trojans to play more than three teams per season with an actual pulse.

2. It would give Vanderbilt fans cause for optimism. Stripped of 30 scholarships over the next three years, USC might struggle to beat the Commodores.

1. It would give Tennessee fans a chance to vent the anger that has been building ever since Kiffin's abrupt departure last January. Should he return to Knoxville as an opposing coach, the burning mattress this time might be the one in his hotel room.

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